Love Me Tender

Jane Feaver
Harvill Secker


Love Me Tender tells the story of simple people and their complicated lives. Fixating on a small community in rural Buckleigh, Feaver balances a large cast of characters and their stories of unrequited love, anger and disappointment.

With scandals and secrets that implicate everyone, from the local mayor to the post–man, Feaver does not shirk the difficult task of exposing the vulnerabilities of her characters. Despite the portraits of emotional pain, the chief undercurrent of Feaver’s novel remains one of hope. The difficult, and sometimes, disastrous lives of the inhabitants of Buckleigh become irreversibly tangled with one another. Although, the heightened proximity of each person to their neighbour allows for few private or personal matters to remain as such, it also prevents any one person from having to face their challenges alone.

Love Me Tender is a thrilling look into the highs and lows of the small-town blues, and showcases Feaver’s talent and sustainability as an author. For more information on Jane Feaver visit

Jordan Von Cannon