It’s Beginning to Hurt

James Lasdun
Jonathan Cape

Winner of the National Short Story Award, and widely published author of eight previous collections (fiction and poetry), James Lasdun possesses us through his words. He is a modern day observer, much like the flâneur of the 19th century. His craft is estimable, while his humour and wit are poignant.

Lasdun’s latest offering, It’s Beginning to Hurt is being featured on Radio 4’s Book At Bedtime this April. There is something so rich and gripping in his prose that it simply elicits your attention. The new collection features 16 individual short stories, but through Lasdun’s seamless style, they naturally flow from one story to the next.

From the revenge-seeking divorcee in Totty to the unnerving tension that exists in human relationships in The Natural Order, Lasdun grabs your attention. The short story is on the rise, gathering more interest from the general public reflecting the need for short fiction in our time precious lives; It’s Beginning to Hurt is a collection to jump-start your imagination.

Cherie Federico