Art And Electronic Media

Ed. Edward A Shanken

As a rule of thumb, art reflects cultural trends, shifts in technology and general advancements. These changes, no doubt, effect artistic mediums and broader aesthetics. Our world is often described as “de-centred”; however, the core of this observation is the World Wide Web bringing us both paradoxically closer and further away from each other.

Art and Electronic Media is an essential read, which surveys the importance of electronic media vis-à-vis the art we are producing today. It recognises new art forms that use light, robotics, networks, virtual reality and the web within the context of visual arts. The book includes over 150 artists, including more established names, such as James Turrell and Mario Merz – plus recent pioneers, such as Blast Theory, Simon Penny and Mikami Seiko.

The book includes essays and analysis into the constructs behind electronic media in a cultural and political framework. Art and Electronic Media takes this emerging form, and evaluates the past, looks at the present, and excites debates with the future.

Cherie Federico