Little Dragon

Little Dragon’s influences oscillate between pop, jazz, soul and R&B, creating atmospheric tracks like Never Never, and the more experimental Come Home.


Often compared to the likes of Bob Dylan, Elliot Smith and Syd Barrett, Julien Barbagallo aka AKA Lecube holds a special place in the music world.


From the very first sun-drenched guitar chord, Telekinesis! is imbued with an overarching immediacy – wrenched, quickly, from somewhere raw and honest.

Acoustic Ladyland

In 2006, Acoustic Ladyland released Skinny Grin to great critical acclaim. Living with a Tiger is the long-awaited follow-up, and it doesn’t disappoint.

Woodstock 40th Anniversary

As Woodstock celebrates its 40th anniversary, the nostalgia for those three very important days back in August 1969 is almost omnipresent.

Enough Soul

Mix blues and ragtime, contemporary roots and indie, folk and jazz. Layer it with soul-drenched vocals and you have something near the sound of Kill It Kid.

The Fever Queen

Ask her how she became involved in music and Tidwell will reel off a list of family associations on both sides, from her mother’s career in the 1970s, to her grandfather’s country record label.

My Idea of Pop

For such an incidental naming, the heroic-sounding Morton Valence perfectly suits the stylized romance of the band.

Earth is Pretty Good

The impending release of Touchdown crowns a successful relocation for Brighton-based Brakes, from Rough Trade Records to fellow Brighton label FatCat.

Age is just a number

The first thing that strikes you about First Aid Kit is the uncertain correlation between the band’s age, and the adult material of much of their work.

Prince sitting in on the Plastic Ono Band

With a creative lineage traceable to 18th century writer, Jonathan Swift, Richard Swift has clearly inherited the artistic gene, writing inventive, insightful music.

Some Interesting Lyrics

The intricacies of papal history are not a conventional motivation for writing pop songs. With High Slang, Sergeant Buzfuz pulls this off to dazzling effect.

Bittersweet Whistling

Years of classical training and a life-long devotion to honing his craft have left Andrew Bird well equipped for his eighth studio album Noble Beast.

A Certain Romance

Official Secrets Act is setting the standard for contemporary British indie, and what’s more startling, they have yet to release their debut album.

The art of Climbing Mountains

School of Seven Bells’ stunning debut album, Alpinisms is a beautiful fusion of different styles combined with Alejandra and Claudia’s haunting vocal harmonies.

In the Name of Surrealism

For a group of young art graduates interested in “music and surrealism”, The Je Suis Animal collective remain refreshingly unpretentious.

My Usual Confounding Self

Lambchop’s latest album showcases an artist becoming more comfortable in his own efforts while embracing the band’s trademark youthful playfulness.

Contrasts and Adaptations

From sporadic appearances with the likes of Current 93 to his forays into outdoor recording and junk percussion, Keith Wood is always changing and adapting.

Painting with Sound

Saint Dymphna is not easily classifiable, a jarring fusion of electro, 80s techno, African guitar and tribal beats. “We call it Gang Gang. We do our own thing.”

Music, Art & the Individual

With her striking debut solo album, Laukinis Šuo Dingo released, Alina Orlova is set to make a lasting impression on music fans worldwide.