Growth & Collective Inspirations

As the founding member of Gregory and the Hawk, Meredith Godreau is no stranger to self-promotion and the wonders of 21st century marketing.

A Unique Take on Modern Pop Music

It’s been a long time since a really cool band has come along that introduces a sound that opens up new possibilities. Fujiya & Miyagi is a wave of joy.

Raucous Sea-faring Anthems and Constant Collaboration

We caught up with Port O’Brien’s lead singer, Van, enjoying his first summer away from commercial fishing in Alaska to chat about life in the burgeoning band.

No Ordinary Pair of Jeans

Workout Holiday explores a wide variety of musical genres; crossing boundaries and creating what White Denim refer to simply as “sound collage.”

Transcending Genres, Maintaining Momentum

As their peers began to drift off to college, founding members, Raphael Mura, Marion Andrau and JB Ganivet collaborated, with ambitions for stardom.

Honesty and Intimacy

Liejacker, Gilmore’s latest release, is a critique of the music industry, “that last bastion of misogyny”, and its various corruptions.

A Long Way From Home and Heading for British Charts

The irreverent Born Ruffians have just completed several tours, culminating with the launch of their debut album, Red, Yellow and Blue.

A Musical Athlete & World Class Entertainer

It must be said that Gonzales is an interesting man; a bit of a mystery, but with the recent success of many of his collaborators, Gonzales is on the radar.

Here, Kitty Kitty

Try to squeeze the love out of something and you’ll find its essence vanishes. So it is with Free Kitten’s latest pirouette, Inherit, a decade apart from its closest sibling.

Away from the Mainstream

Malcolm Middleton has been a very busy man. With the release of 2007’s A Brighter Beat, Malcolm has developed a new era for “happy music for sad people.”

More than Harmless Beauty

Surrounded is back with a second album, Nautilus Years. The songs made by these talented musicians are simultaneously haunting and beautiful.

Shrugging Off the Spectre of that Daunting Second Album

Aaron Mullan exudes equal parts maturity and enthusiasm for the creative environment that has culminated in Tall Firs’ second release Too Old to Die Young.

Funk, soul and rhythm: An insight into Jim

Jamie Lidell’s funk and soul are energetic and exhilarating. His classic influences are fused with songwriting, meticulous production and a powerful voice.


With a voice as sweet as cherry pie, Thao Nguyen lilts and sighs her way through songs in a way that makes you instantly fall in love with her.

Peggy Sue and the Pirates

Armed with just one guitar between them, Rosa “Rex” Slade and Katy “Klaw” Young’s songs exude the passion and mischievous vibrancy of such self-confessional music.

Tunng: Not Your Standard Band

The song writing process for a band which transcends the label “folktronica” can be daunting. Tunng are not your standard band with vocals, guitar, bass and drums.

Operator Please

Fresh from 2007’s NME Freshers tour and the MTV2 Gonzo tour, Operator Please is a rabble of pop punk teens hailing from Australia’s Gold Coast.

The Pigeon Detectives

Although The Pigeon Detective’s look is very much the London indie-boy uniform of scruffy shoes and scruffier hair, their sound is undeniably that of Yorkshire.

Alabama 3

With their cowboy swagger and deep-south drawl, you’d be forgiven for thinking Alabama 3 are a straightforward American blues band.


Gravenhurst are back with their new album, The Western Lands. It’s an ambitious album, full of powerful melodies crossed with euphoric lo-fi pop.