Jasmine McKnight

Central to Jasmine McKnight’s work is the use of artificial colours to create other worldly atmospheres and disorientating experiences.

Elliot Hutchinson

Elliot Hutchinson’s hand-drawn and painted images are hallucinatory, where fantastical characters are bound in new and intriguing ways.

Jesse McMahon

Jesse McMahon is a multimedia artist. Drawing influence from avant-garde music and film, he creates experimental installations and video.

Emily Cholerton

In her series entitled The Gas Leak, Emily Cholerton captures dreamlike scenes of her grandmother, in reference to themes of visions and premonitions.

Jessica Mitchell

Jessica Mitchell’s practice highlights humanity’s relationship with beauty and the negative effects that come from trying to define it.

K Eliza

K Eliza’s abstract approaches unearth and release deep-rooted emotions as part of a cathartic process of the rebirth of the self.

Heather Mottram

Heather Mottram explores textiles and natural materials and reinterprets the features of objects and structures already in existence.

Lucy-May Turner

Lucy-May Turner uses collage to counteract women’s predisposition of comparing themselves to the unrealistic body imagery.

Madeleine Hoyle

Madeleine Hoyle’s distorted bodies series is inspired by 19th century corset designs and contemporary gender studies, exploring body image.

Annabel Scott

Annabel Scott’s practice is inspired by popular culture, demonstrating the way that urban and cultural areas affect the way art is viewed.

Melissa Meachen

Melissa Meachen’s practice revolves around the traditional method of printmaking, whilst asking questions about superstition and folklore.

Laura Mackenzie

Laura Mackenzie focuses primarily on underwater photography. She draws her audience to the critical need for education about ocean wild life.

Mia Coldwell

Mia Coldwell’s work is a commentary on how society interacts with the organic world focusing on issues such as biodiversity loss and pollution.

Monica Marshall

Monica Marshall’s practice explores the subconscious and the psyche, making sense of the of life through colour, text and distortion.

Chelsea Stephenson

Chelsea Stephenson focuses on re-creating the created. Her main interest surrounds landscapes and seascapes, with a focus on plastic waste.

Nick Small

Nick Small works predominantly in black and white photography, creating a bold visual statement without the distractions of colour.


The work created by the duo JR² consists of found material/surfaces, focusing specifically on accessible material with a child-like approach.

Chloe Wong

Chloe Wong’s practice pays close attention to the details of everyday items. She surveys textures, colours and natural beauty that is found in decay.

Olivia King

Olivia King’s work is inspired by vivid dreams and how they feed into everyday life, working across print, photography, painting and collage.

Alex Appleby

Alex Appleby’s practice interrogates the line, exploring the endless potential, and more currently a collection of gestural marks layered together.