Anna Skahill

Anna Skahill’s current work takes an interest in the intersection between relationships, memory and the family presented through a variety of media.

Andrew Little

Andrew Little is a recent BA Photography graduate for University of the Arts London: London College of Communication.

Beatrice Bonino

Beatrice Bonino’s Glimpsing in the Dark (Figure 1) is an exploration of the photograph as an object and her own self-discovery as an indi- vidual.

Rachael Gallagher

Rachael Gallagher’s practice explores the sublimity of nature and an inability to recreate the awe one feels when viewing something such as the sea

Rosie Scorer

Rosie Scorer is a photographer, working fundamentally to provide insight into her own experiences through imagery and video.

Alice Denton

Alice Denton utilises line and colour to create abstract artworks inspired by an interest in architecture, machinery and most recently decay.

Jake McMylor

Jake McMylor is a photographer who experiences Aphantasia; a condition that means he lacks visual memory, relying on photographs.

Charlotte Taylor

Charlotte Taylor’s recent sculpture series, entitled Creatures, considers abstraction, texture and form, inspired by marine life, such as Cephalopods.

Chloe Heffernan

Chloe Heffernan is an illustrator whose art is a fusion of brutalist line work and organic forms, drawing upon natural, pastoral and industrial themes.

Jack Shepherd / Vanya

Jack Shepherd / Vanya’s work uses fashion as its starting point. Shepherd is influenced by the weird and wonderful and work that pushes boundaries.

Avalon Iris

Avalon Iris questions how humans can reconnect with the Earth. Nature Transience navigates the connection between humans and the natural world.

Charlotte Marshall

Charlotte Marshall is a documentary photographer who focuses on studying relationships, identity and livelihoods across a range of themes and forms.

Lucy-May Turner

Lucy-May Turner uses collage to counteract women’s predisposition of comparing themselves to the unrealistic body imagery.

Madeleine Hoyle

Madeleine Hoyle’s distorted bodies series is inspired by 19th century corset designs and contemporary gender studies, exploring body image.

Annabel Scott

Annabel Scott’s practice is inspired by popular culture, demonstrating the way that urban and cultural areas affect the way art is viewed.

Melissa Meachen

Melissa Meachen’s practice revolves around the traditional method of printmaking, whilst asking questions about superstition and folklore.

Laura Mackenzie

Laura Mackenzie focuses primarily on underwater photography. She draws her audience to the critical need for education about ocean wild life.

Mia Coldwell

Mia Coldwell’s work is a commentary on how society interacts with the organic world focusing on issues such as biodiversity loss and pollution.

Monica Marshall

Monica Marshall’s practice explores the subconscious and the psyche, making sense of the of life through colour, text and distortion.

Chelsea Stephenson

Chelsea Stephenson focuses on re-creating the created. Her main interest surrounds landscapes and seascapes, with a focus on plastic waste.