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Ai Weiwei: One and the Multitude

A series of installations at the Israel Museum, Jerusalem, by renowned activist and artist Ai Weiwei explores the individual’s relationship to social culture.

Ai Weiwei: Semantics of the Medium

Fondation, previously exhibited at the Louvre and as part of a group show at Baalbek archaeological site in Lebanon, is close to a Duchampian ready-made.

Ai Weiwei, Cycladic, Museum of Cycladic Art, Athens

As an artist who looks into the craftsmanship of the past, Ai Weiwei’s first Greek exhibition sees him work with the archaeological collections of the Museum of Cycladic Art in Athens.

Andy Warhol | Ai Weiwei, NGV and The Andy Warhol Museum

Andy Warhol | Ai Weiwei at NGV explores the significant influence of these two exemplary artists on modern art and contemporary life.

Review: Ai Weiwei at The Royal Academy, London

Curated in collaboration with Ai Weiwei from his studio in Beijing, The Royal Academy showcases some of the artist’s most important works from 1993 up to present day, including new installations.

Ai Weiwei: According to What? Brooklyn Museum

Ai Weiwei is a master craftsman. His work in porcelain, marble and wood, in particular, is astonishingly comparable in vision and execution to the design talents of Leonardo Da Vinci.

Ai Weiwei in the Chapel, Yorkshire Sculpture Park

Ai Weiwei in the Chapel marks the world famous artist’s first exhibition in a British public gallery since Sunflower Seeds at Tate Modern in 2010. On display at the YSP, the show is found in the park’s newly refurbished 18th century chapel.

Ai Weiwei, Lisson Gallery

Ai Weiwei is one of the leading cultural figures of his generation and consistently displays great courage in placing himself at risk to affect social change through art. His work often challenges the political systems in place in China.

Ai Weiwei: So Sorry

Ai Weiwei is one of China’s most controversial contemporary artists. His activism and art has even led him to suffer at the hands of China’s secret police.

Beyond the Mountain

Seattle Asian Art Museum foregrounds the work of contemporary Chinese artists, realised through both traditional and emerging materials and media.

Unstaged Portraits

Luo Yang’s raw and intimate portraits of women are a powerful assertion of identity, exploring shifting notions of femininity in China.

Ai Wei Wei: Documenting Political Structures

FOAM, Amsterdam, presents a new exhibition by Ai Weiwei. #SafePassage explores the daily struggles between the individual and political structures.

Various artists, Last Train, Ron Arad Studio, London

Following its unveiling at the Venice Art Biennale last year, Ron Arad’s Last Train makes its way to London. Ron Arad opens his Camden studio to showcase the large-scale diamond engravings created by a range of artistic collaborations.

Design as Activism

The new Ai Weiwei exhibition at Design Museum comprises a 650,000 LEGO-brick painting – engaging with ideas of consumerism and production.

Digital Legacies

Artists and technologists Harry Yeff and Trung Bao generate dazzling gemstone artworks from influential human and endangered animal voices.

Gifts for Art Lovers

10 gift ideas for culture lovers this season. 2021’s list includes gallery memberships, photobooks, subscriptions and camera accessories.

Art, Freedom and Control

Ai Weiwei’s installation at Blenheim Palace is a commentary on fences and borders, taking the form of a large, golden, cage-like structure.

5 Online Photography Shows

This selection of digital shows provides respite and inspiration: embracing home, exploring our relationship with nature and reflecting inwards.

10 Quotes About Creativity

Be inspired by global artists and photographers. Read powerful statements from Ai Weiwei, Kara Walker, Georgia O’Keeffe, Alexander Calder and more.

Sculpture as Experience

A new publication explores Provence’s open-air museum, which is home to some of the biggest names in contemporary art and architecture.