Naomi Delorme

Naomi Delorme is a visual artist, documentary photographer and writer looking at the landscape and language of grief in black and white images.

Chahe Chaherige

Chahe’s project discusses a crucial part of the Chinese urbanisation process—construction workers, showing individuals rather than a group.

Sophy Holden

Holden’s practice is centred in narrative – she is a storyteller who references poetry. Themes include mental health, femininity and masculinity.

Zheng Fang

Zheng Fang’s work is about indifference to history. The photographer shot a place in Western China called Oil Town. Now, it’s just ruins.

Giulia Grillo

Giulia Grillo is a surrealist artist, photographer and graphic designer practicing across the worlds of art, advertising and social media.

Anna Drozd

Anna Drozd is a visual storyteller concerned with social justice within Eastern European contexts. She is fascinated by the idea of docu-fiction.

Charlie Holland

Documentary photographer Charlie Holland’s latest project explores music events and underground creative communities.

Emma Toma

In this series, set in Missouri, the artist attempts to confront themes of loss, closure and the complexity of home life and family dynamics.

Lauren Hillsdon

Nostalgia and sentimentality infiltrates all aspects of Hillsdon’s work as she employs a documentary style through the use of analogue photography.

Laura Dester

Laura Dester’s multidisciplinary photography, performance and moving image are used to explore concepts of space, memory and belonging,

Esther Gabrielle Kersley

Esther Gabrielle Kersley is a research-led documentary photographer whose work explores issues relating to technology, politics and society.

Katie McCraw

Documentary photographer Katie McCraw focuses on family, nostalgia and memory. She is fascinated by the circular narrative of time.

Nina Maria Allmoslechner

Nina Maria Allmoslechner is a London-based photographer. She explores topics such as body image, mental health, masculinity and sexuality.

Lina Geoushy

Lina Geoushy is a social documentary photographer. She combines communication and psychology to question and deconstruct perceptions.

Carmen Reichman

Carmen Reichman’s work challenges how we see the world around us and how we tell stories. She is interested in what it means to relay information.

Liliia Kucher

Liliia Kucher is a Ukrainian documentary photographer who focuses on the representation of memories and connections to places.

Laura Gaggero

Laura Gaggero explores the relationship between participatory photography and contemporary representations of women.

Minjie Lv

Minjie Lv uses the lens to select a part of the existing world to express ideas, seeing photography as a form of minimal painting.

Siqi Li

Siqi Li is a visual artist based between London and Beijing whose practice is informed by her Chinese roots, exploring history, memory and longing.

Sirui Ma

Sirui Ma is a London-based photographer. Born in Beijing and raised in London and New York, her work examines multicultural identities.