Yura Kim

Yura’s work shows her relationship with her grandmother and deals with the issues concerning senior citizens and their challenges in Korea.

Robin Hunter Blake

Robin Hunter Blake’s images document irreplaceable moments with unique people, whilst projecting the artist’s search for identity.

Vanessa Endeley

Vanessa Endeley was born and raised in Lagos. Her individual portraits are brought to life using a lot of colour, and are often obscured by blindfolds.

Ran Bi

Brian Bi is a Chinese artist born in Beijing, and currently based in London. He is interested in the living experience constructed by images.

Vaishnavi Pandey

Touch Me Not is an ongoing exploration of the lack of touch and intimacy between couples who were kept apart during the lockdown.

Mandy Williams

Across image and video, Mandy Williams examines the exclusionary politics of modern England through the metaphor of landscape.

Adam Roberts

Adam Roberts works between Glasgow and London. His multidisciplinary work queers the photographic medium through playful acts of trickery.

Alvaro Lopez Gimenez

Alvaro Lopez Gimenez is a Spanish visual artist who experiments with gender and identity through video art and performance.

Bella Cholmeley

Through her work, Bella Cholmeley explores subjectivity, identity and human narrative. A journey into an ever-shifting, ambiguous dream.

Danielle Anderson

Danielle Anderson’s images are filled with tension and ambiguity; they are unconscious repetitions, metaphors and expressions of emotion.

Can Shui

Can Shui is a Chinese visual artist and educator. Greeting From Strangers comprises twelve photographs, each recording a month in one year.

Jack Lumer

Jack Lumer was born in Milano in 1998, and grew up in New York. At the age of 16, he left home and moved to Brussels to develop his artistic identity.

Shihui Gao

Shihui Gao draws on her personal story. It explores loneliness and the search for emotional understanding in a post-Internet era. 

Lai Lam Fave

Lai Lam Fave is a Singaporean-born, London-based artist. Her works centre around the ideas of performance, satire and embodiment.

Natalia Lazaro Prevost

Lazaro Prevost explores historical depictions of the female reproductive anatomy, and its influence on how women perceive their body image.

Maya Gurung-Russell Campbell

Maya Gurung-Russell Campbell is a Brixton-based artist who creates evocative landscapes that explore dual heritage in a wide range of mediums.

Millie Hardingham

Feeling as though women in cinema were often represented as one dimensional and unrealistic, Hardingham created self-portraits.

Nilufar Nuthall

Delving into her family’s past, Nuthall marks her position as an artist in relation to her family today. She works with film, structures and projections.


n00oodies is an interactive collaboration between artists and participants, exploring nude culture and the synthetic unreality of sex online.

Renée Marie Kiangala

Renée Marie Kiangala’s practice is a contemporary critique of the involvement of surveillance studies in human development.