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In Focus: Photorealistic Painting

Photorealism emerged in Europe and the USA in the late 1960s. Here, we introduce four contemporary artists whose portraits succeed in tricking the eye.

Future Now Symposium 2023:
Programme Announced

Discover this year’s Future Now line-up, bringing together award-winning artists for talks that engage with themes from our rapidly changing world.

The Aesthetica Awards:
Open for Entries

The Aesthetica Awards open for entries on 1 December, celebrating the best contemporary talent across art, photography, literature and film.

A Painter’s Lens

Georgia O’Keeffe created over 2,000 paintings across the course of her career. Denver Art Museum takes a closer look at the artist’s photography.

A Survey of Portraiture

The expansive new exhibition at National Gallery of Victoria, titled Who Are You, considers “portraiture in Australia across time and media.”

Life Between Islands

Tate Britain’s current exhibition spans Caribbean-British Art from the 1950s to today. It is the first display of its kind in a major national museum.

Portraits Through Time

John Madu plays with time. He is best known for bright figurative paintings: symbolic portraits which look to the past, present and future.

Gifts for Art Lovers

10 gift ideas for culture lovers this season. 2021’s list includes gallery memberships, photobooks, subscriptions and camera accessories.

Changing Seasons

The process of painting “on the spot” is said to have been pioneered in Britain by John Constable in the early 19th century. What does it look like today?

A Curious Spirit

Art and science are often viewed in opposition. But Kendra Troschel believes in their similarities: working as a microbiologist-turned-painter.

Composite Portraits

Jeff Sonhouse is an American artist creating stylised portraits of Black male figures. His works challenge the conventions of figurative painting.

Vanishing Sublime

What does it mean for an artwork to be ‘sublime’? Siemon Scamell-Katz creates paintings inspired by natural landscapes in Europe and the USA.

Contemporary Painting:
Aesthetica Art Prize 2021

From figurative to abstract, photorealistic to surreal, discover five works from the 2021 prize – showcasing innovative ideas and technical skill.

Evoking the Past

Myths have captivated audiences for millennia. But what is their relevance in today’s world? Mazzi Francesco is inspired by the ancient world.

Expressions of Nature

Circles of red, swirls of yellow, splashes of green. Colours blending, separating and pooling. These are kaleidoscopic works by SPONK.

Discover Art Differently

The Other Art Fair 2021 returns as the first in-person London fair of the year. It’s a leading event for independent and emerging artists.

New Creatives: 10 Shows to See

How have artists responded to the pandemic? What are the latest trends, ideas and media? Discover our top 10 graduate shows. You saw them here first.

10 to See: Pride Month 2021

This June, discover must-see online shows, publications and videos – featuring powerful and inspiring artwork from across the globe.

New Luminaries

The Aesthetica Art Prize Exhibition showcases 20 contemporary artists from across the globe, new luminaries and chroniclers of our times.

Commanding Space

“A painting doesn’t need to exist on just one plane.” Jasper Pedyo demonstrates a strong understanding of colour and form at The Civic.

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