Celebrating Simplicity

Jon Setter’s images feature geometric fragments, eradicating all structural complexities and conveying a simplified, poetic expression of surrounding spaces.

American Symbolism

Dino Kuznik’s images offer a psychological plane of reflection and organisation, which rely on simplicity, and at times, humour.

Mesmerising Skylines

Focusing on hazy, in-between spaces, Andria Darius Pancrazi’s works blend between light and darkness through pastel skylines and clean structures.

Alluring Neighbourhoods

Born and based in the Midwest,  Michael McCluskey explores truth in overlooked places and uncovers hidden layers in the mundane.

Bold Co-ordination

With a bold and undeterred vision, Kesley McClellan and Michelle Maguire’s series pairs colour-coded styling with icons of fast-food Americana.