Otherworldly Arenas

Otherworldly Arenas

Intrigued by social phenomena, Al Mefer has trained in criminology, psychology and neuroscience, seeking to understand the processes that govern society and the mind. This research can be seen in his otherworldly photography series,The Human-Alien Barrier.

Mefer moved into fine art photography in 2017, with images that discuss mysteries of the everyday and the human condition within perceived realities. The featured images draw attention to anonymous, alien architecture, with dystopian sunsets and indiscernible shadows.

The images call upon artificial elements, using an intriguing interplay between shadow and colour. Transforming concrete structures into playgrounds for the surreal, the photographs utilise the setting sun as an uncanny element.

IG: @almefer
Be: /almefer

1. Untitled (1,2,3) from The Human-Alien Barrier. Courtesy of Al Mefer.