Undiscoverable Worlds

Reuben Wu is a photographer, filmmaker and music producer whose visual work is driven by the urge to explore new places as if they were unknown territories. Searching for serendipity, Wu’s fantastical images occupy hidden spaces and ethereal planes.

Lux Noctis, for example, is an award-winning series depicting landscapes through new frameworks that draw a line between tradition and spatial exploration. Blending aesthetics from 19th century sublime paintings and science fiction, pinks, blues and purples offer new, undiscoverable worlds.

With selected clients that include Acura, Apple, Google and Huawei, Wu’s wide-ranging portfolio has been widely acclaimed, echoing fragments of a bold imagination and magnifying realism through an almost terrestrial lens.

IG: @itsreuben

Wu’s upcoming monograph, Lux Noctis, is available here. 

1. All images courtesy of Reuben Wu.