Theatrical Scenes

Theatrical Scenes

Giacomo Infantino is a photographer born in the province of Varese in 1993. He has exhibited widely at a number of prestigious venues. Last year, he was selected–- alongside 10 other Italian students – to join Canon Italia at Visa Pour l’Image and in March he won the Bìfoto International Photography Award in Sardinia.

Infantino’s work consists of photographic reportage; using staged scenes to evoke intimate and personalised narratives. The featured project outlines the places in Varese, investigating the importance of the landscape on the psyche as it creates a theatre of stories. Deeply cinematic, the forestry becomes a platform for visual experimentation.

Reflecting a sense of foreboding calm, undefined characters – represented as shadows – observe the world around them in a way that is both detached and leads viewers to question the perception of reality. As the figures are unknown, and largely unseen, they become part of a wider journey into questioning the location around them.


1. All images courtesy of Giacomo Infantino.