A Nostalgic Disposition

Matt Porch was spurred into pursuing photography due to the digital revolution that spawned from the millennium. Despite this, the large format colour photographers from the 1960s and 1970s is what granted the artist his main inspiration – fascinated by the seemingly ordinary street scenes and vistas that were captured with fastidious detail.

In doing so, he discovered a modern yet practical process through the form of the digital camera, looking into precision optics, capturing the entire frame in focus. The detail of the image is what emerges – the subject becomes a character in itself.

Porch’s images have an austere quality – never allowing cropping or changing focus. The practice is a nod back to the nostalgia of large format photography in the online age. This disposition both glamourises and simplifies the landscape.

IG: @matt_porch

1. Matt Porch, all images from the Desert Modern series.