Operator Please

Operator Please is a rabble of pop punk teens hailing from Australia’s Gold Coast. Fresh from October 2007’s NME Freshers tour and the MTV2 Gonzo tour, Operator Please were creating a whirlwind of success throughout the UK.

Operator Please joined forces at school, lead singer Amandah explains; “I didn’t know the rest of the band, I just walked up to them at random, because I knew they played instruments.”

Combining keyboards, guitar, drums, bass and violin they entered Elanora High School’s annual Battle Of The Bands and won. Their music definitely gets the crowds moving, Amandah explains the unusual acquisition of violin player Taylor: “We couldn’t find a second guitarist, so we decided, why not get a violinist? They can do everything that a lead guitar player can. We found Taylor, a classical violinist who could fill out the rest of the parts. The weird thing is that we were not conscious of any sounds, everything has been developed through experimentation and jamming.” How did it feel to get signed? “We had a solid two years of getting our parents to drive us places and playing every single show we could get, even if it was to three people in the middle of nowhere or a community hall. It was a nice surprise when we got signed, as it shows that people are really supporting what we do. In the music business, I think it is important to take everything in your stride and to achieve your full potential every day and not get too caught up in the bull surrounding it.”

Operator Please combine diverse musical tastes, from keyboard player Sarah’s love of Ben Folds to Amandah’s penchant for the Eurythmics. “I think what we have is a fusion of very different types of music. Inspiration for writing songs can come from a conversation with a friend, maybe about music or perhaps watching TV and there’s a spark or jingle, which inspires us. I usually come to the band with a full song and then we jam out all our different parts together.”

With a debut album on its way in 2008, what can we expect in the future? “While we are in this position I’d like to keep the ball rolling carry on what we are doing and to keep the momentum going. We’d really love to make more albums and continue touring.” For further information please see:

Shona Fairweather