Intrinsic Dialogue

Produced by Art and Theory Publishing, Contemporary Swedish Photography is an overview of the stunning imagery being captured by Swedish artists.

Haunted Reflections

Elizabeth “Gazelle Twin” Bernholz’s new release UNFLESH trades in disturbingly sensual electronica inspired by body horror, puberty and high school sports.

Elusive Moments

Emily Shur’s sensitivity towards colour and her quiet approach to scenery results in stunningly still images that uncover beauty in the most ordinary subjects.

Julie Cockburn

Julie Cockburn transforms second-hand objects and images to produce entirely new pieces, injecting new life into mundane and forgotten items.

Life of Crime

What should be a cut-and-dry kidnap plot by Detroit crooks Ordell and Louis soon goes amusingly awry in this adaptation of Elmore Leonard’s 1978 novel The Switch.

Grand Central

The spectre of a nuclear power plant looms large over the lives of the protagonists in this carefully constructed love triangle by Rebecca Zlotowski


Awash with colour, South London trio Dems unleash a brilliant debut in the form of the concise, emotive, Muscle Memory.

Compelling Movement

The 39th London International Mime Festival focuses on the spaces between theatre and dance, playing with language, and making the invisible visible.

The 100-Year-Old Man Who Climbed Out of the Window and Disappeared

Allan Karlsson has saved Franco’s life, watched A-bombs with Oppenheimer and danced with Stalin. Not that the folk in the care home know anything about that…

Reshaping Minimalism

In a major survey at The Serpentine Gallery, German conceptual sculptor Reiner Ruthenbeck explores geometric forms found in everyday materials.

Glacial Exposure

The primary coloured houses of the Northern Hemisphere stand out against washed-out streets, and even the most mundane objects become almost mystical half-disguised in the frosty weather.

Composed Architecture

Frank Gehry, an architect responsible for some of the world’s most visually and technically outstanding constructions, is celebrated.

William Helburn

William Helburn’s appreciation of feminine beauty, combined with his charismatic personality, resulted in a practice that saw him working with most of the top ad agencies in New York.