Muscle Memory
Sew In Love Records

Awash with colour, South London trio Dems unleash a brilliant debut in the form of the concise, emotive, Muscle Memory. The whole album sweeps around you in a kind of fluid, fluctuating wave, which, in their own words, carries a “hopeful darkness”. Obvious comparisons with James Blake can be made, but it’s where those electronic leanings meet wider influences of Metronomy or Friendly Fires that the songs open up in to a beautiful pop madness.

Got No Brains echoes the aforementioned Blake’s CMYK in tone and chopped vocal, with a haunting lead and precise drum programming. The festival power of the title song, Muscle Memory, will no doubt have wristbanded hands high in the air in front of stages aplenty next year.

Where Dems have truly succeeded, is making a cohesive album of 10 unskippable songs with no filler. Peaceful and contemplative throughout, the album closes with The XX-sounding Desire, and the pressurised thud of Night Tales with floaty synths and hushed vocals. Overall, a very impressive debut.

Kyle Bryony