Keith Jarrett & Charlie Haden

Last Dance
ECM Records

Back in 2010 Keith Jarrett and Charlie Haden teamed up to produce the best-selling album, Jasmine. In 2014 they reunite for the beautifully seductive Last Dance. Primarily comprising of new material, the album still finds room for the duo to build on some of Jasmine’s songs, creating alternate versions of Goodbye and Where Can I Go Without You.

The pair has a long history together, first working together in 1967, and Jarrett’s proclamation “when we play together it’s like two people singing” certainly rings true in Last Dance. Jarrett’s piano and Haden’s double bass melt into one another, always moving forward in harmony.

Jazz classics, such as Thelonious Monk’s Round Midnight and Bud Powell’s Dance Of The Infidels, are scattered amongst love songs My Old Flame, Every Time We Say Goodbye and My Ship. With a mellow but intimate tone, Jarrett and Haden’s latest offering is a stunning continuation of their previous work, impressively showcasing their ability to understand and interpret each other’s musical intuition.

Hannah Clugston