Intense Beauty

Jacques Olivar

Born in Casablanca, Jacques Olivar (b. 1941) originally trained as an airline pilot. However, his first love was image-making and he spent years as a nomadic advertising photographer, attracting numerous awards, including the Grand Prix Stratégies in 1984. Following his recognition within the industry he started collaborating with fashion houses and international publications in 1987, working for Céline, Vogue, Giorgio Armani, Comme des Garçons, Marie Claire Italy and many more over the years. His fine art photography, which has been shot entirely on film, has also appeared in exhibitions across the world, including Guggenheim Museum Bilbao (2001), The Metropolitan Museum of Art (2008), Young Gallery, Brussels (2011) and Galartis Gallery Lausanne (2013). Inspired by writers and filmmakers, Olivar cites Federico García Lorca, Jack Kerouac, Alfred Hitchcock and Jean Genet as influences. He combines style with storytelling, producing visually stunning works that reflect the beauty of the scenery and spin a silent tale. The images selected here are overview of his breathtaking practice. Olivar’s book Forever Young published by teNeues is now available.