Form Follows Function

One of the 20th century’s most eminent designers, Louis Kahn was a Modernist pioneer, as much artist as architect. The Design Museum, London, hosts the first major retrospective for 20 years.

Ephemeral Structures

Focusing upon urban ruins and condemned buildings, Thomas Jorion reinvigorates abandoned spaces and forgotten architecture.

Boundaries Transformed

Drawing from its own collection, The Walker Art Center asks how art was finally taken off its pedestal and made to reassess what it is during the long 1960s.

Stylised Vision

With a youthful, bright and beautiful aesthetic, creative duo Julia Galdo and Cody Cloud make colourful and experimental images that exude style and an imaginative approach to life.

Challenging Normality

A solo exhibition of new and recent work by Barbara Kruger opens at Modern Art Oxford this summer, investigating power in popular culture.

Intersecting Locations

Avoiding overbearing subject-matter, Robert Adams’ photographs are often taken from a distance and are minimalist in character, searching for the fragile beauty which is found in the ordinary.

Locations Come Alive

The Roof places audiences in a unique rooftop setting on the Southbank, London, within the suspended reality of a brutal and unforgiving game.

Restaging the Past

Stan Douglas builds his staged images around recognisable themes from literature and cinema, borrowing from such genres as the Wild West or murder mystery, or the work of Beckett and Kafka.

Divergent Portrayal

Michel Gondry adapts French polymath Boris Vian’s fatalistic story of impossible romance; the result makes a refreshingly surreal contrast to conventional cinema.

Art and Revolution

A exhibition explores Iranian modern and contemporary art, shining a spotlight on visual culture in Iran and examining the impact of history on artistic production.

America Unseen

Matt Henry’s shots are both intellectually and visually stimulating, always giving his bold, clear-cut works context and weight.

Universal Meaning

Hany Abu-Assad’s Oscar-nominated Omar is a love story set against the backdrop of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, combining the complexities of relationships with the terrors of violence.

Anna Vogel

Anna Vogel transforms found photography with painting techniques, such as varnish, acrylic, ink and pigment, to manipulate the natural landscape.

Lyrics With No Limits

With the music industry dominated by English-speaking artists, the question remains: Can musicians have success in the global marketplace while performing in their native language?