America Unseen

Matt Henry

The stories of 1960s and 1970s America are retold in Matt Henry’s (b. 1978) striking photography. Having gained an interest in the era during his undergraduate studies in political theory, he traces the cultural features and social concerns of the time, such as the feminist, anti-war and free speech movements. He also asks the audience to construct their own narratives in his Short Stories  and Blue River Falls  series as he pairs-up two related images and leaves the rest to the imagination. Henry’s shots are both intellectually and visually stimulating, always giving his bold, clear-cut works context and weight. The characters depicted within the images are perfectly executed through primary colours, scenery and cultural references that are scattered throughout his practice. Tricking viewers’ understanding of place, all of Henry’s works are shot in the UK not in the USA as the pieces suggest. Blue River Falls  is due to appear in a solo exhibition at One Eyed Jacks Gallery, Brighton, 20 June – 20 August. The following photographs are an overview of Henry’s work.