Stylised Vision


The creative duo Julia Galdo (b. 1984) and Cody Cloud (b. 1977) formed JUCO after meeting at the San Francisco Art Institute in 2002. Their first collaborative projects were originally constructed at university and were assignments for their educational studies. After graduating they continued working together and have since shot photographs for Apple, Marie Claire, Nike, K Swiss and The New Yorker. They often use the same camera on shoots, passing it between one another, sharing the responsibility of the creative direction. With a youthful, bright and beautiful aesthetic, the pair make colourful and experimental images that exude style and an imaginative approach to life. Taking inspiration from films, music and the artistic people around them, Galdo and Cody dictate a singular visual that borders on the surreal while still maintaining a fresh realism. This collection of photographs is taken from the JUCO archives and celebrates the photographers’ unique and playful vision of the world.