Ephemeral Structures

Thomas Jorion

French photographer Thomas Jorion (b. 1976) gives purpose back to buildings that no longer hold any practical use. Focusing upon urban ruins and condemned buildings, Jorion reinvigorates abandoned spaces and forgotten architecture. His still photographs centre upon the remaining evidence of life through identifying familiar objects, such as a basketball net, a row of seats or a sink, reminding his viewer of the importance they once held. Although he explores neglected and decaying spaces, the structures still hold an element of vitality in the peeling wallpaper, crumbling brickwork and broken interiors. He asks his audience to consider the material environment in which society resides, demonstrating the temporary existence of communal buildings, such as schools, theatres and hotels. His work is soon to be published by Archibooks in a bilingual French / English book, Ceci n’est pas une piscine (This is not a swimming pool). The following photographs are taken from various collections and detail Jorion’s interest in fading locations.