This is Dalí

Humorous and bright, this is a joyful exploration of Dalí’s world and gives intriguing and comprehensive insights into his personal development and his art.

Sarah McCrory

Spending two years as curator of the Frieze Foundation, Sarah McCrory is familiar with commissioning public art. She steps into the role of Director for the 6th Glasgow International festival.


Denis’ latest offering is littered with abusers and victims. The cause of their woes appears to be Laporte, a rich businessman, who becomes the focus of a thirst for retribution.


Berlin-based Denitza Todorova’s hip-hop-layered lyrics don’t waste time on metaphors, instead they are clear and concise with lashings of attitude.


Each song on this record is beautifully crafted, resembling a soundscape more than a traditional piece of music.

Fire in the Blood

Fire in the Blood tells the story of how Western pharmaceutical companies and governments blocked access to low cost anti-retroviral drugs in the global South, causing millions of unnecessary deaths.

Vijay Iyer

Vijay Iyer’s Mutations is a montage of piano, electronics and strings. Constructed from fragmented melodies, the instrumental songs are ever-evolving.

Art & Ecology Now

Art & Ecology Now is an extensive survey of nature’s impact upon art’s involvement and responsibility in saving the planet.


A celebration of adolescence in all its acne-ridden, rebellious glory, Matt Wolf’s Teenage is a compelling joyride through the evolution of the teenager.

Fill the Void

Less a consideration of the inflexibility of faith than a portrait of desperate women, Fill the Void is a brave film.