Music to Our Ears

Headphones have gone further than music. Now they’re about fashion and style, and maybe even art as well. Here’s how it happened – and where it’s all going.

Airline Style at 30,000 Feet

Airline Style is a compendium that highlights the different eras in aviation, the accompanying change in styles and the overarching views of society.

Momentary Views

Choosing a palette of bright hues, ordinary people and American landscapes, Joel Sternfeld is a multi-award-winning master of photography.


Samaris is an unusual combination of clarinet, electronica and vocals. In the broadest sense, the music is down-tempo techno, possessing an otherworldly charm.

Post Tenebras Lux

It is still up for debate whether Carlos Reygadas’ Post Tenebras Lux is a richly rewarding tapestry of connubial complications or an indulgent self portrait.

Sorcha Carey

Sorcha Carey, Director of Edinburgh Art Festival, takes on the task of directing an experience for over 250,000 visitors.

Ravens + Chimes

It’s easy to see why Ravens + Chimes is developing an increasing fanbase – the band doesn’t miss a step with its latest offering, Holiday Life.


Atlanter produces an intriguing mix of rock with desert blues, classic psych and a stream of repeating vocals.

In the House

Teacher Germain becomes drawn to charismatic pupil Claude who, in turn, is fascinated by fellow pupil Rapha and his “perfect family”.

The Lucid Dream

The raging and pulsing cacophony that is How’s Your Low When You’re Low Alone may well be the most enthralling introduction to a debut album this year.

Surf City

Hailing from New Zealand, Surf City upholds its sturdy shoegaze, indie reputation, and breezily strolls through ample amounts of plodding melancholia.

Pure Bathing Culture

Heavily overproduced lo-fi pop is the order of the day, as Pure Bathing Culture ambles through its debut release.