A Brighter Future

A group exhibition revisits the sunshine motif – as established in hit musical ‘Hair’ – cautiously offering hope through new, golden visions of the future.

Diverse Perspectives

Sixty global practitioners experiment with analogue and digital photography to offer new perspectives on the topics that are shaping modern-day life.

Radiant Narratives

A MoMA retrospective offers a “critical reintroduction” to five decades of photographer Ming Smith’s experimental practice.

Expressions of Love

Love has provided inspiration throughout art history. Here are five photographers – all featured in Aesthetica Art Prize – who document devotion.

Expanded Photography

Women have been at the forefront of every stage of the photographic revolution. Now, pioneering artists are responding to sustainability and climate.

Creative Machines

Refik Anadol is an artist at the cutting-edge of a fast-developing medium, using AI to craft breathtaking digital experiences from various and vast datasets.

Shades of Emotion

Colour is fundamental to art. A group show celebrates the ways pigments convey intense emotions, incite symbolism and connect people.

Stepping into Space

Yayoi Kusama’s installations offer the chance to “become one with eternity,” encouraging a detachment from reality with twinkling lights.

Uncertain Environments

Pavlo Fyshar’s work is characterised by a sense of discomfort. Playful pastel pinks and greens draw the viewer in, yet the world they find is off-kilter.

Connecting with the World

Books. Pianos. Window frames. Suitcases. Clothes. These are just some of the items to be found tied up within Chiharu Shiota’s mesmerising installations.

Celebrating 20 Years:
The February/March Issue

Aesthetica marks 20 years since the first issue was published. This edition is dedicated to the power of creativity, the arts and independent print.

Altering Perceptions

Experiences of forced migration are examined through utopian dreams. Duo Cooper & Gorfer expose the inner and outer realities for women.

Window to Other Places

Dreamscapes is a world of elegant imagination. James Tralie’s digital renders reconstruct natural environments and architecture into serene scenes

Moments of Fantasy

Maria Lax’s spellbinding images utilise innovative camera techniques to transform figures, buildings and plants into cinematic, otherworldly creations.

The Story of Aesthetica

Celebrate the publication’s 20th anniversary as one of the founders discusses how the magazine has become a trusted voice in contemporary art.

Reframed Perspective

Nadine Ijewere’s fashion photography redefines narratives of beauty, encouraging more diverse representation in front of and behind the camera.

Visionary Narratives

Isaac Julien dismantles restrictive boundaries of genre and medium. Now, a landmark exhibition surveys four decades of his experimental practice.

Emotive Colour Play

Prince Gyasi incorporates vibrant palettes into intimate portraits of figures from his hometown, documenting the spectrum of human emotion.

Vibrant Abstraction

Sebastiaan Knot’s geometric compositions are calculated manipulations of light. Shapes in bold colours are crafted through analogue techniques.

A Changing Landscape

Victoria Sambunaris’ large-scale landscapes monitor human impact on the natural environment, illuminating water shortages and ecological crises.

Future Now Symposium 2023:
Programme Announced

Discover this year’s Future Now line-up, bringing together award-winning artists for talks that engage with themes from our rapidly changing world.

Hidden Luminescence

“A strange fluorescence occurs when certain minerals and materials are subjected to ultraviolet radiation.” Cody Cobb captures this phenomenon.

Icons Reimagined

The Parthenon is an icon of global architecture. Adam Newman and Kelvin Tsang draw inspiration from its once-colourful artistic embellishments.

An Unprecedented Year

99 portrait photographers chronicle the past 12 months through the eyes of everyday people, key workers and national treasures from across Britain.

Woodland Inspiration

There is an inherent sense of mystery about forests. Here are five photographers – all featured in Aesthetica – who put them front and centre.

Studies in Motion

German photographer Jan Prengel looks beyond still life – instead capturing flowers and plant stems in motion, over an exposure time of 2-3 seconds.

Unwavering Broadcasts

Mark Power visualises historic weather reports, imagining beautiful, daunting seascapes of blustering winds, endless rainfall and churning waves.

Tradition Meets Innovation

Studio Brasch’s new images, crafted using the latest AI tools, combine fundamentals of Japanese Ikebana with abstract sculpture and new technologies.

Between Photography and Sculpture

Bernd and Hilla Becher blurred the lines between media, documenting now-demolished industrial structures across Europe and the United States.

Championing Creativity

Jamal Nxedlana is intent on creating “an alternative image repertoire to tackle biased views of Africa”, whilst celebrating Johannesburg’s cultural pioneers.

Industry Abstracted

German photographer Tom Hegen’s aerial photographs investigate salt production, and the complex relationship humans have with the planet.

Captured From Above

The history of aerial image-making can be traced to the mid-19th century. Michal Zahornacky reduces man-made structures to lines, curves and colours.

Intimate Documentation

London Art Fair’s contemporary photography show returns, foregrounding artists who engage with Black and diasporic heritage through the lens.

Engaging with Curation

“What does it mean to collect and exhibit?” This is the starting point for a group show that contemplates the role of galleries and museums.

Beyond the Canon

Past and present collide in Omar Victor Diop’s work. The Senegalese photographer takes cues from western portraits to portray Black pioneers.

The Illusion of Space

Nothing is quite what it seems in the work of Frank Kunert. The model maker and photographer’s studio images depict settings that are slightly askew.

Future Vision

Vision is not universal, but instead deeply personal and subjective. Wellcome Collection presents 140 objects for visitors to view, touch and explore.

A Tribute to Devotion

What constitutes a photograph? Is it the moment the image is captured? Or the interactions that informed it? Elle Pérez focuses on the space in between.

A Moment of Transition

In 1994, Canadian multidisciplinary artist Stan Douglas arrived in Berlin. He wasn’t drawn to the core of the newly unified city, but to its outskirts.

Identity and Belonging

“Why do we feel that we belong in some places and not in others?” asks Lise Johansson, an award-winning photographer based in Copenhagen. The artist is interested in our relationship with spaces: how do they shape our identities? What influence do they have on politics, culture and social life?

5 Images for Winter

Snow covered fields. Icy lakes. Glowing lights. These five lens-based artists create works full of intrigue and atmosphere – evoking winter’s chill.

Responding to Colour

Teresa Freitas is a Portuguese photographer whose soft yet vibrant images experiment with the psychology of pastels, evoking calm, peace and ease.

Organic Collaboration

In Tamara Dean’s exquisitely performative images, humans are not simply living in harmony with the environment, but seamlessly become part of it.

Earthly Connections

How is the human body linked to the five elements? Ugo Rondinone’s three-part exhibition at Petit Palais, Paris, embraces the powerful fluidity of matter.

Witnessing Deforestation

Richard Mosse’s latest moving image work uses satellite imagery and a custom multispectral camera to record stark footage of dieback in the Amazon.

A Year in Covers

From pop-coloured paper environments to landscapes filled with balloons, here are the six images featured on our 2022 newsstands.

Into the Metaverse

We’ve taken a deep dive into our Archives, finding five creatives whose works respond to – and use – emerging technologies: to critique, calm and imagine.

Illusory Buildings

Anna Carey’s photographs appear to be just that: photographs. Yet with closer inspection, it becomes clear that they are actually models in miniature.

Art, Creativity and Wellness

Maker, educator and climate activist Brigitte Jurack’s largest solo show to date invites viewers to look slowly at their immediate environment.

This Season: 5 UK Shows to See

The Turner Prize and Tate’s most recent Turbine Hall commission are amongst this season’s must-see UK shows, positioning art as a tool for communication.