Alternate Realities

Sari Soininen is an internationally recognised Finnish photographer whose neon-coloured photography draws from the hidden depths of the human mind.

Abu Dhabi Art 2023

The 15th edition of the fair returns from the 22-26 November, spotlighting local and international talent across topics of gender, geography and sustainability.

Enchanted by Possibility

Magic has been an answer to inexplicable events for much of human history. MASS MoCA’s latest exhibition explores its place in today’s world.

Art and Climate:
5 Shows to See

We bring together exhibitions that draw inspiration from the effects of the climate crisis, spanning museums in Berlin, Melbourne and San Francisco.

Women Artists in Focus:
5 to See this Season

Aesthetica presents a list of international exhibitions this season that champion powerful works by women artists, shedding light on pressing issues of our times.

Computer Architecture

Christoph Morlinghaus is a German-born photographer interested in the unseen world of CPUs. Close-up images resemble aerial cityscapes.

10 Questions With… Dawoud Bey

In Elegy, the contemporary artist offers a poetic depiction of African American experiences that are rarely represented in collective US history.

Nadine Ijewere:
Intimacy and Strength

In her first solo UK exhibition, the renowned photographer presents ‘Anthesis’, a show that focuses on womanhood, compassion and fluidity.

ING Discerning Eye
2023: Visual Surprises

The annual arts event champions UK creativity through an exhibition at London’s Mall Galleries. This year, it is showing 600 small shortlisted artworks.

Legacy and Memory

Thao Nguyen Phan retells and reimagines the past through striking multimedia pieces. Her work debuts in Italy at Pirelli Hangar Biococca.

Beyond Fashion

Renowned photographer Michel Haddi has captured some of the most iconic faces of the 20th century. Now, exhibitions celebrate 40 years.

Manipulated Sunsets

Inka and Niclas are interested in the dynamic between people, places and media, creating spellbinding work where landscapes are fluorescent.

Leica Oskar Barnack Award:
A Window to Humanity

Is our trust in images beginning to erode? Has it disappeared already? This year’s edition of the documentary prize foregrounds human empathy.

Viviane Sassen on Surrealism

Viviane Sassen, whose first French retrospective is open now, speaks to Aesthetica about how Surrealist ideas continue to influence her creative vision.

Paz Errázuriz:
Unfinished Stories

The work of Chilean photographer Paz Errázuriz is marked by the advocacy and respect it champions for those who have previously been ignored or stifled.

Seeing to Understand

Gregory Halpern, Vasantha Yogananthan and Raymond Meeks explore complex histories in Guadalupe, New Orleans and the borders of France.

A Family Dynamic

Julie Blackmon’s meticulously arranged scenes reflect on modern family dynamics by toeing the line between carefree joy and imminent danger.

Impressionist Photography

French photographer Réhahn is internationally acclaimed for his bold imagery, with an approach that creates a bridge between viewer and subject.

Dubai Design Week: 5 to See

This year’s fair explores how design, science and technology converge. Some projects reclaim materials from the past, whilst others look forwards.

Ethereal Moments

Berndnaut Smilde creates clouds indoors. They are made using smoke and water vapour and exist for a very short period of time – just 10 seconds.

Paris Photo 2023:
Moments of Unity

Paris Photo returns for its 26th edition from 9-12 November. This year’s catalogue engages with pressing topics such as environmental degradation, historical representation and political activism.

10 Questions With… Julie Cockburn

Julie Cockburn is best known for embellishing and altering found photographs, carefully adding hand-embroidered shapes to portraits and landscapes.

5 Photobooks for November

As we hit the wintry months, what better thing to do than sit down and pour over a photobook? In this selection we highlight this season’s top picks.

Championing Women in the Arts

Washington D.C.’s National Museum of Women in the Arts reopens after two years of renovation – with an expansive fresh installation of the collection.

Fashion Trailblazers

Design Museum presents the biggest survey of British fashion staged in the UK, with iconic pieces from HARRI, Marjan Pejoski and Ahluwalia.

Mat Collishaw:
Past, Present, Future

Kew Gardens presents an exhibition centred on celebrated multidisciplinary artist Mat Collishaw, exploring art history, nature and technology.

Daido Moriyama Review

The London retrospective is unlike other photography shows of recent times, mainly due to the artist’s joyful disregard for technical perfection.

A Lens on Climate Crisis

In Norway, From Nature foregrounds creatives who are not aiming to make provocative statements, but address today’s most critical climate issues.

Photography in Focus

Architizer’s Vision Awards recognises individuals and studios who are capturing the breadth and scope of built environments today through various media.

Radical Landscapes

William Morris Gallery, London, explores the natural world as a space of inspiration, connection and protest, in collaboration with local communities.

Gaming Expanded:

Fondazione MAST hosts the world’s only biennial focused on industrial and work photography. This year’s event is all about game culture and industry.

Frozen Structures

Austrian photographer Gregor Sailer spent five years documenting deserted, snow-covered buildings found in countries along the “Polar Silk Road.”

Protecting the
Creative Process

Technology continually challenges traditional notions of creativity and ownership. Safe Creative carves out a way to adapt to a changing industry.

Immersive Technologies

In Berlin, Christopher Bauder and studio WHITEvoid’s Dark Matter creates an immersive space where sund, movement and light blend.

RIBA Sterling Prize 2023

Each year since 1996, the RIBA’s Stirling Prize is awarded to the UK’s best new building. In 2023, the six shortlisted projects address crucial social issues.

5 to Check Out:
Paris+ par Art Basel

For the second year running, the fair returns in six locations across the French capital. We round up work by Tony Cragg, Urs Fischer and Zanele Muholi.

Art & Fashion:
5 Shows to Know

Art and fashion have been intertwined for centuries. Here are exhibitions exploring the influence of clothing design on visual culture and everyday life.

A Time Machine

London’s Hayward Gallery presents the largest Hiroshi Sugimoto retrospective to date, highlighting a philosophical, yet playful, perspective on time.

Light Art: Global
Exhibitions this Season

These contemporary exhibitions span the globe, bring technology and art together, and are designed to captivate, challenge and fascinate audiences.

Natural and Artificial Worlds

We live in a world where technology and human creativity are converging more than ever before. Xinyi Shao explores this in her installation, ‘Mutopia.’

Creativity Across Africa

1-54 Contemporary African Art Fair presents captivating work from Prince Gyasi, Godelive Kasangati Kabena and Amine El Gotaibi.

Newly Released Titles:
5 Books on Gender and Liberation

“The unseeable parts of the female body are, in art, matter out of place.” We look at this season’s new titles that provide an essential insight into gender.

The Next Generation

NOW Gallery presents six South African photographers who document the varied and vibrant youth culture of their home nation.

Exploring Nature
with Marshmallow Laser Feast

Marshmallow Laser Feast is an experimental art collective, based in London. Their multi-sensory immersive works blend art and technology.

Frieze London: 10 to See

Frieze London returns for its 20th anniversary edition with three fairs: Frieze London, Frieze Masters and Frieze Sculpture. Discover our picks.

Of African Youth

Galerie Gomis’ inaugural show draws parallels between the work of Sanlé Sory and Kyle Weeks, as they represent youth culture across Africa.

Women in Art Fair:
A New Platform

The inaugural edition of Women in Art Fair opens in London. It is dedicated to redressing years of gender imbalance across the arts and creative industries.

Walking in the Dark

Why do people roam? This is one of the questions asked by painter and sculptor Robyn Ward, whose exhibition opens in line with Frieze Art Fair 2023.

Say it in Chorus:
Julianknxx at Barbican

At the Barbican Centre, the Sierra Leonian artist creates a multimedia exhibition on port cities, memory and music as a means of resistance.

Extraterrestrial Reflections

British contemporary artist Olga Lomaka views her work through the prism of pop art. Primary features include a play with recognisable images and products of consumerism – pooling contrasting beliefs which give a second meaning to their symbolism.