Shaping Tomorrow

Melbourne Design Week comprises 300 exhibitions, talks and workshops – pinpointing how design can transform environments.

Poignant Stories

Tate surveys over 20 years of film, photography and sculpture from Steve McQueen – creating an arena for self reflection and social scrutiny.

5 to See: International Women’s Day

Aesthetica collates powerful exhibitions and events to attend this International Women’s Day – which takes place on 8 March.

Observations in Colour

Vivian Maier’s photographs came to light after her death, when a box of negatives was discovered at a local auction house in Chicago.

5 to Read: This Month

Aesthetica selects must-read titles for March 2020. These books survey creativity across the world, looking at the history of images and art.

Details in the Landscape

Stephen Shore’s photographs are designed to reflect the way people talk. A new book from MACK highlights 1970s small camera works.

Shared Feelings

Photographer Dan Hall highlights the similarities between young adults and older generations – sharing examinations of the human condition.

Defining Images

“Photography in 2020 is as ubiquitous as the last Instagram post, text, or tweet.” The Met’s surveys 100 years of image-making in a new publication.

Challenging Perspectives

The Biennale of Sydney 2020 provides a space for 110 international artists to consider sovereignty, inclusivity and activism.

Bold Statements

Artist and author Harland Miller has always been surrounded by books. He is best known for making paintings inspired by Penguin’s titles.

A Dynamic Approach

“René Groebli has always been an artist on the move.” The photographer’s images are defined by dynamism, forward-looking and modernism.

Transforming Objects

A mask made of mirrors. Shoes formed from pots and pans. Joana Vasconcelos is a leading Portuguese conceptual artist creating sculptures.

Autonomous Technology

Karina Smigla-Bobinski celebrates the first prototype general use computer – examining interactive software through installation.

New Viewpoints

A house designed for watching the sunset. Mirrored structures standing in the landscape. Not Vital connects architecture and perception.

Experiencing Architecture

We live, work and sleep surrounded by buildings. So how does architecture shape our experience of the world? Samstag Museum of Art explores.

5 to See: COLLECTIBLE Design Fair

COLLECTIBLE Design Fair highlights innovative projects from across the world. Aesthetica selects five talents from this year’s event.

Sony World Photography Awards 2020

The Sony World Photography Awards returns for 2020, announcing the finalists and shortlist whilst introducing a new Environment category.

Representing Communities

Dawoud Bey’s photos capture African American communities from the 20th century to today – exploring identity and representation.

Creative Energy

Grayson Perry is a chronicler of contemporary life. A new show highlights the artist’s early works, exploring gender, identity and class.

Brandt and Moore

Henry Moore met photographer Bill Brandt during WWII. A new publication cements the artists’ legacies as British pioneers.

Reconnecting with Nature

Art has a proven positive impact on our mental health. Wysing Arts Centre invites artists to place works in unexpected locations.

Digital Acceleration

We are living at a time of fast-paced technological development. Cao Fei’s digital art treads the boundaries between physical and virtual worlds.

Translating History

Viviane Sassen’s ‘Venus & Mercury’ is a photography series is inspired by accounts of the French royal court in the 17th and 18th centuries.

Framing Nature

Trees play an essential role in our lives. A new exhibition at Hayward Gallery highlights the importance of the world’s forests through art.

Slices of Time

Emmanuelle Moureaux’s ‘Slices of Time’ responds to the Greenwich Peninsula – encouraging audiences to reflect on the here and now.

Endless Imagery

Each day, more than three billion images are shared on social networks. Jeu de Paume examines the production of these photographs.

Discovering the Self

Photographer Lottie Davies recreates the fictional journey of William Henry Quinn – a character deeply affected by the events of WWII.

Visual Inspiration

Jamal Nxedlana’s images are rooted in an Afro-Surrealist style, “creating an alternative image repertoire to tackle biased views of Africa.”

Building the Future

How do designers shape the way we understand the world around us, as we tackle the climate emergency, political tensions and digital ethics?

Cutting and Pasting

Expanding the dimensions of traditional photography, Haser uses paper-folding techniques, collage and mixed media to blur distinctions.

Layers of Complexity

Data plays a huge role in our lives today. Emmanuelle Moureaux creates an immersive installation that assesses how numbers are related to memory.

Towards Preservation

After half of Claudia Andujar’s family were killed in WWII, she dedicated five decades to photographing and raising awareness of the Yanomami people.

Stepping into Dreams

Alex Fruehmann’s dark and dramatic expanses immerse the viewer in the hyperreal, inviting them to revel in the negative space.

Chronicling Humanity

Diane Arbus revolutionised portraiture, producing distinctive, direct images that celebrated diversity and humanity. A new show opens at AGO.

Seeing in Double

Mirror images. Checker-board clothing. Identical models. Twins is an immersion into the eccentric and playful world of photographic duo LM Chabot.

Intelligent Composition

Olga Urbanek’s photographs are clever and considered juxtapositions of form, colour and texture, placing individuals in unexpected scenarios.

Reactive Installations

Cornelia Parker has spent the last 40 years making installations that make sense of the volatile, violent and precarious world in which we live.

Altered Perspective

Aleksander Małachowski works at the intersection of photography, geometry and symmetry. His minimal images focus on the spaces that we inhabit.

Revealing Concealed Stories

This year’s Deutsche Börse Photography Foundation Prize highlights how imagery can be used to question ideas of truth in the information era.

Translating Objects

Cerith Wyn Evans’ bold, linear neon sculptures utilise light and shadow to explore truth in a climate of fake news and digital misinformation.

Aesthetica Art Prize Shortlist 2020

The Aesthetica Art Prize returns with artworks making sense of our changing world, responding to digital identities and global constructs.

Video Profile: Yara El Turk

Yara El Turk is a Lebanese interior designer whose art series Metamorphosis of Reality focuses on mystery by using different materials, which emanates the idea of a persistent mutation of thoughts and emotions.

The Revival of Raw Materials

Amidst a climate emergency, The Art of Earth Architecture questions how natural materials can contribute to a sustainable future.

Spaces for Reflection

James Turrell’s latest colour-changing light works, on view at London’s Pace Gallery, offer a moment of quiet in a fast-paced world.

Symbolic Images

“Photography for me is a ritual.” Graciela Iturbide is considered one of the greatest photographers in Latin America. A new show opens at NMWA.

New Initiatives

Saudi Arabia’s new Ministry of Culture marks a turning point in the nation’s history. A new residency programme seeks seven artists.

Atmospheric Lighting

Federica Belli taps into a quality of light that is filled with narrative and intimacy. Portraits are aglow with shadow and highlight.

Future Now 2020: Cornelia Parker

“We might not have a future unless we do something to mitigate what’s happening.” Cornelia Parker is speaking at Future Now 2020.

5 to See: This Weekend

Aesthetica selects recommended shows for late January – offering viewers contemplative landscapes, utopian visions and feminist artwork.

Future Now 2020: Martin Parr

Martin Parr is one of the world’s most celebrated documentary photographers. He will discuss a distinguished career at Future Now 2020.