Radical Landscapes

William Morris Gallery, London, explores the natural world as a space of inspiration, connection and protest, in collaboration with local communities.

Gaming Expanded:

Fondazione MAST hosts the world’s only biennial focused on industrial and work photography. This year’s event is all about game culture and industry.

Frozen Structures

Austrian photographer Gregor Sailer spent five years documenting deserted, snow-covered buildings found in countries along the “Polar Silk Road.”

Protecting the Creative Process

Technology continually challenges traditional notions of creativity and ownership. Safe Creative carves out a way to adapt to a changing industry.

Immersive Technologies

In Berlin, Christopher Bauder and studio WHITEvoid’s Dark Matter creates an immersive space where sund, movement and light blend.

RIBA Sterling Prize 2023

Each year since 1996, the RIBA’s Stirling Prize is awarded to the UK’s best new building. In 2023, the six shortlisted projects address crucial social issues.

5 to Check Out:
Paris+ par Art Basel

For the second year running, the fair returns in six locations across the French capital. We round up work by Tony Cragg, Urs Fischer and Zanele Muholi.

Art & Fashion: 5 Shows to Know

Art and fashion have been intertwined for centuries. Here are exhibitions exploring the influence of clothing design on visual culture and everyday life.

A Time Machine

London’s Hayward Gallery presents the largest Hiroshi Sugimoto retrospective to date, highlighting a philosophical, yet playful, perspective on time.

Light Art:
Global Exhibitions this Season

These contemporary exhibitions span the globe, bring technology and art together, and are designed to captivate, challenge and fascinate audiences.

Natural and Artificial Worlds

We live in a world where technology and human creativity are converging more than ever before. Xinyi Shao explores this in her installation, ‘Mutopia.’

Creativity Across Africa

1-54 Contemporary African Art Fair presents captivating work from Prince Gyasi, Godelive Kasangati Kabena and Amine El Gotaibi.

Newly Released Titles:
5 Books on Gender and Liberation

“The unseeable parts of the female body are, in art, matter out of place.” We look at this season’s new titles that provide an essential insight into gender.

The Next Generation

NOW Gallery presents six South African photographers who document the varied and vibrant youth culture of their home nation.

Exploring Nature
with Marshmallow Laser Feast

Marshmallow Laser Feast is an experimental art collective, based in London. Their multi-sensory immersive works blend art and technology.

Frieze London: 10 to See

Frieze London returns for its 20th anniversary edition with three fairs: Frieze London, Frieze Masters and Frieze Sculpture. Discover our picks.

Intersections of African Youth

Galerie Gomis’ inaugural show draws parallels between the work of Sanlé Sory and Kyle Weeks, as they represent youth culture across Africa.

Women in Art Fair:
A New Platform

The inaugural edition of Women in Art Fair opens in London. It is dedicated to redressing years of gender imbalance across the arts and creative industries.

Walking in the Dark

Why do people roam? This is one of the questions asked by painter and sculptor Robyn Ward, whose exhibition opens in line with Frieze Art Fair 2023.

Say it in Chorus:
Julianknxx at Barbican

At the Barbican Centre, the Sierra Leonian artist creates a multimedia exhibition on port cities, memory and music as a means of resistance.

Extraterrestrial Reflections

British contemporary artist Olga Lomaka views her work through the prism of pop art. Primary features include a play with recognisable images and products of consumerism – pooling contrasting beliefs which give a second meaning to their symbolism.

World Architecture Day:
10 Buildings to Know

The first Monday of October has marked World Architecture Day annually since 1985. Here are 10 structures to know, one for each year 2013-2023.

Reflecting a Community

MUAC presents a retrospective dedicated to Claudia Andujar and Davi Kopenawa’s fight against rights violations faced by the Yanomami.

10 to See: Black History Month 2023

October marks Black History Month across the UK. We are delighted to present 10 exhibitions that highlight the creativity of Black artists.

Emerging Belgian Photography

Returning for its 11th edition, .tiff 2023 celebrates new artists who help us understand each other and the social structures around us.

Quiet Moment

Laura Stevens crafts quiet, filmic portraits and landscapes that ripple with emotions. There’s a palpable sense of an intimate story unfolding.

Nostalgic Portraiture

Beauty. Fashion. Lifestyle. New York-based artist Micaiah Carter has a singular creative vision. It is rooted in core values of empathy and connection.

Building the Picture

The story of architecture in photography is being written. Vitra Design Museum foregrounds what’s next through the lens of one key image-maker.

Objects in Focus

Justin Bettman’s colourful and retro still life images feature nostalgic Polaroid cameras, analogue alarm clocks and walkie talkies.

Seasons of Change

Simon Norfolk follows Afghanistan’s central highlands across the four seasons, watching summertime bleed into autumn and winter.

Surreal Expression

Feathers, leaves, balloons, paper cranes and butterflies. Fares Micue returns to Aesthetica with her joyous, inspiring self-portrait series.

Free to Improvise

For French photographer Anne-Laure Étienne, taking pictures is as much about shooting as it is about freedom, movement and performance.

Stepping into Nature

Themes of empowerment, authenticity and play are central to Tamara Dean’s practice. Her works explore human connection with the landscape.

Storm on the Horizon

Elsa Bleda turns her gaze skywards, picturing lightning as it strikes tumultuous clouds. The images are made at midnight in South Africa.

Magic in Wilderness

Photographer Ellie Davies revels in feelings of mystery provided by forests, using the lens to address climate issues in the UK and beyond.

Transforming Ideas: The October / November Issue

What’s an idea and where does it come from? The October / November issue of Aesthetica is a love letter to ideation.

Installations and Sculptures:
5 Exhibitions to See

The following exhibitions display monumental sculptures as well as installations that stimulate our senses and evoke our spatial awareness.

On the Basis of Love

Twelve artists at MoCP share the ways they experience powerful emotions, as they journey through poignant and affecting relationships.

Armet Francis:
Reimagining The Black Triangle

The Autograph exhibition brings together works, from the Jamaican-British artist’s four-decade long career, focusing on the Black British experience.

Black British Fashion:
Creatives to Know

Black creativity has had a profound influence on British culture. Now, Somerset House shows us the wide-reaching influence of fashion designers.

Multidimensional Perspectives

Now at Brooklyn Museum, Africa Fashion surveys the global impact of attire from the continent through the 1950s to the present-day.

Femme Noire:
Highlighting Nuance

“Naked woman, Black woman // Clothed with your colour which is life, with // your form which is beauty.” These lines have inspired Seattle Art Museum’s show.

Lasting Devastation

Documentary photographer Eddo Hartmann explores the Semipalatinsk Test Site, the largest nuclear research area in Kazakhstan.

Housing Projects:
Architecture to Know

Following WWII, many countries faced a need for a affordable homes. Here are five sites that serve as examples of how architects responded to crisis.

Sunday Special:
Carlos Idun-Tawiah

Inspired by Ghana’s rich photographic archives, the artist’s series at Galerie Huit Arles focuses on themes of community, family, hope, love and kinship.

Markers of Industry

Andreas Gursky’s eye for the “industrial aesthetic” has taken him to humanmade structures that dominate landscapes everywhere.

Revelatory Performances

The Royal Academy of Arts presents a major UK survey of the internationally acclaimed Marina Abramović, celebrating 50 years of pioneering art.

5 Projects to Know:
London Design Festival

Each year, LDF provides a global platform for the city’s creative community to share their ideas and connect with audiences from around the world.

Responsible Gardening

What role could gardens play in a sustainable future? And what can they tell us about history? Vitra Design Museum introduces artists addressing this question.

Empathetic Portraits

Snezhana von Büdingen-Dyba’s series of portraits invites us into the world of Sofie, a teenager with Down’s syndrome growing up in Eilenstedt, Germany.