5 Online Photography Shows

International galleries continue offer to audiences art experiences from home. New photo shows span portraiture and documentary.

Through the Frame

Circling around ideas of visual boundaries, margins and fringes are the works of Fabien Dendiével. The photographer extends the concept of the frame.

Altering the Register

Isaac West’s portraits are luminous. Deep reds, cobalt blues and velvet greens are paired with painted lines on playing fields and soup cans.

The Story of Artnet

How Artnet’s founder Hans Neuendorf rose from the rubble of WWII Germany to transform the landscape of the art market.

Inner Landscapes

“I often think about my drawings as a run-on sentence that never ends.” Shara Hughes’ colourful works are rooted in the subconscious.

Making the Space

Heather Agyepong’s latest series, in support of MIND, responds to the life of African American performer and activist Aida Overton Walker.

The Virtual Stage

Founded nearly a decade ago, teamLab is known for its interconnected, “borderless” installations. These digital experiences push the boundaries.

Seminal Photography Shows

Discover some of the historic photography shows that shaped the medium during the 19th and 20th centuries – including those at MoMA.

The Space Between

Encounter Contemporary, London, opens a virtual solo presentation of Nicolas K. Feldmeyer, featuring time-lapsed films and digital renders.

Aesthetica Archives: Street Photography

Street photography involves candid images within public places. Aesthetica selects examples from the archives, from the mid-20th century to now.

Layering Ideas

Garrett Arreguin, also known by the moniker “Grafik”, is a Creative Director and designer originating from Orange County, California.

International Center of Photography: Art Online

The International Center of Photography, New York, is dedicated to photography and visual culture. Aesthetica selects online highlights.

Turbulent Decades

Samanthe Rubell, Senior Director, Pace Gallery, is responsible for the gallery’s online sales initiatives. She discusses a new online show.

Aesthetica Art Prize: Women Photographers

Get inspired by women photographers creating compelling visual narratives. These images travel the world, tell stories and reframe the landscape.

Inspiring Conversations

London’s Design Museum – like many around the world – is currently closed. In response, it is pushing into the digital realm with live streams.

Digital Competition: #AestheticaLockdownArt

Now is the time for creativity and innovation. Aesthetica is launching a new social media competition for international artists in isolation.

The Ethics of Documentary

Lars Boering, Managing Director, World Press Photo Foundation, discusses the 2019 contest entries, and the essence of “truth.”

5 to Read: This Month

Aesthetica selects five new art, design and photography books for May 2020. These titles reflect on the meaning of progress today.

Aesthetica Art Prize: Top Tips

Get inspired to enter the Aesthetica Art Prize. We share five key pieces of advice to inform your submission to the international award.

Nocturnal Networks

Doorways, staircases, windows and curtains haunt the images of Indonesian photographer Ferdonio Damanik, offering the taste of worlds beyond.

Louisiana Channel: 5 Videos

Louisiana Channel is filled with arts and culture videos to watch from home. Aesthetica selects five interviews featuring lens-based artists.

Poetry in Collaboration

The Broad has launched a new interactive series featuring poets working in a variety of styles to respond to specific artworks in the collection.

VE Day 75: Digital Stories

8 May 2020 marks 75 years since the end of the Second World War in Europe. We bring together online arts, photography and history resources.

Retouched Realities

Amelie Satzger’s retouched photographs reveal an arranged visual world filled with autobiographical motifs, mirrors, balanced fruit and cube rooms.

Aesthetica Archives: Alex Prager

Alex Prager became a photographer overnight. Her cinematic practice evolved after she came face to face with an image by William Eggleston.

National Portrait Gallery: Art Online

National Portrait Gallery, London, holds the most extensive collection of portraits in the world. Aesthetica picks highlights to explore from home.

Visual Writing Prompts

Aesthetica selects five images to inspire your poetry and short fiction. They are ideal writing prompts – dreamlike shores and neon streets.

5 Artists: Aesthetica Art Prize 2020

Be inspired by five talents from the 2020 Aesthetica Art Prize – a prestigious international award celebrating innovation and creativity.

Rebirth and Renewal

‘Will There Be Hope on Doomsday’ is a short series which challenges our conception of apocalypse and imagines utopias in a new, minimalist arena.

Modes of Confrontation

Young, Gifted and Black considers themes of race, class and politics, as well as the importance of human dignity.

5 Tips to Inspire Your Writing

Now is the time to get creative with language. Aesthetica presents five key pieces of advice for writing great poetry and short fiction.

A Pastel Dystopia

Karen Khachaturov’s images are firmly lodged in a disjointed fairytale. Each photograph is like a hard-boiled sweet with a salty centre.

Art Prizes to Enter: Spring 2020

Now is the time to innovate and create. Aesthetica selects five art prizes currently open for entries of student work, digital art and more.

The Essence of Being

Anna Walker Skillman, Owner, Jackson Fine Art, discusses a 30-year history of showing the most distinguished female voices in photography. 

Aesthetica Archives: Cig Harvey

Cig Harvey’s enchanting photography reflects upon familiar themes of home, family, nature and time, uncovering cinematic moments.

Guggenheim Bilbao: Art Online

Museums and galleries around the world – including the Guggenheim Museum Bilbao – are opening up their collections to online audiences.

Into Cinema

‘Our Strange New Land: Photographs by Alex Harris’ is the latest chapter in High Museum’s ‘Picturing the South’ project.

Paris Photo: New Platforms

Paris Photo launches an online viewing room for its inaugural New York edition. Tyler Mitchell is one of the featured photographers.

A Colour Legacy

Siegrid Demyttenaere, Curator at Design Museum Gent, discusses highlights from a show that was curated in honour of the Year of Van Eyck.

Cultural Expansion

“Art and culture is a vital part of who we are as individuals and part of our identity as a nation.” The BBC launches fresh programming and funds.

Works in Colour

Vivian Maier’s photographs came to light after her death. Claartje van Dijk, Head of Exhibitions at Foam, discusses their planned show for 2020.

Aesthetica Art Prize: 5 Digital Works

We are living in a technological age. VR and AI are becoming integrated into our culture. The Aesthetica Art Prize responds to this new era.

Scale of Perception

Photographer Charlie Goodge and Art Director Jessica Jung have paired up for an abstract series that parallels architecture and ceramics.

MoMA: Art Online

The Museum of Modern Art, New York, has the largest digital audience of any museum.
Aesthetica delves into its online programme.

Earth Day: 5 Online Activities

On 22 April 1970, the world marked the first Earth Day. For its 50th anniversary, Aesthetica selects digital programmes to explore at home.

Reflective Locations

France-based Salomé-Charlotte Camors questions our individual responsibility for environmental and social issues. Undertaking extensive research, she then utilises conceptual photography to go beyond an image – to crystallise the interactions constitutive of our identity and conception of reality.

Luigi Pericle: Virtual Space

The art world is responding to an unprecedented moment. Archivio Luigi Pericle, Ascona, launches online initiatives for international audiences.

Collecting the World

Sony World Photography Awards celebrates images with a powerful visual narrative. This year’s Open Competition winners are announced.

Top Literary Podcasts

Stay inspired and informed with a selection of key literary podcasts to listen to. Spanning poetry and fiction, they look to the past, present and future.

Intuitive Associations

‘Venus & Mercury’ is the latest series from Viviane Sassen. Whilst the show is closed, Huis Marseille’s Director, discusses the legacy of Sassen.