Pennsylvania Transformed

Chris Hytha grew up in a small town suburb outside of Philadelphia, fascinated by the city and its urban pull. His images build a surreal narrative.

The August / September Issue

Now is the time. This modest sentence is the driving force behind the new issue. It’s a phrase that is bold and empowering. It is a call to action.

10 Quotes: Contemporary Artists

Aesthetica compiles insights from 10 leading names working today – exploring the importance of creativity, and what “art” means to them.

UK Shows to See this Summer

Museums and galleries are starting to reopen across the UK, with safety measures in place. Aesthetica highlights recommended shows to visit.

Design as Adventure

Mountains cover one fifth of the earth’s surface, but are only sparsely populated. We look at how unforgiving terrains offer a test bed for new ideas.

Intimate Portraiture

Zanele Muholi is a visual activist who reclaims the lens, providing a platform for black lesbian, gay, transgender and intersex individuals.

Structural Manipulation

Alex Lysakowski’s unexpected compositions focus on over-consumption and global production, as seen through exaggerated architectural forms.

Vivid Depiction

Yannis Davy Guibinga’s pronounced photographs are part of an expansive conversation about the representation of Africa and its wider diaspora.

Imagined Architecture

Alexis Christodoulou is a Cape Town-based artist who specialises in three-dimensional renders. He draws on the parameters of video game graphics.

Playful Combinations

Ulaş Kesebir & Merve Türkan utilise bold primary colours and minimal sets, using draping materials and block furniture to subvert domestic spaces.

Nocturnal Exploration

The seventh edition of Next Generation, an annual feature showcasing new photography graduates from the London College of Communication.

Sense of Connection

Julia Fullerton-Batten’s latest series, Looking Out From Within, was shot over the last few months of lockdown across London neighbourhoods.

Modes of Iconography

With the role of the selfie, how has portraiture changed? Is any idea authentic? Kuzma Vostrikov and Ajuan Song consider new visual archetypes.

Digitised Landscapes

Following a UN report on the effects of a 1.5°C increase, Google Arts & Culture’s Heartbeat of the Earth series makes sense of the key conclusions.

Change and Abstraction

How can painting reflect the mood of an era? This is the question at the heart of Gazelli Art House’s exhibition, exploring 1960s painting in the UK and US.

Celebrating Print

The Kraszna-Krausz Book Awards has announced the long and shortlist for the 35th edition of the award, championing the photobook in a digital age.

Technology and the Self

Screens are everywhere. How often do we notice them? Archie Brooks is a graduate from Leeds Arts University questioning this relationship.

Aesthetica Archives: Digital Renders

How far do we need to be convinced that something is real? Discover three creatives making new illusory worlds and impossible landscapes.

Ren Hang: Capturing Youth

“Photography plays a very important role in my life… like eating, walking or sleeping. There’s no difference.” A new Ren Hang show opens in Italy.

Takeover: Cig Harvey

This weekend, Harvey takes over Aesthetica’s Instagram feed, sharing images which uncover cinematic moments in the everyday.

Investigating Consumption

A new programme at London’s San Mei Gallery aims to raise questions about contemporary food culture – reclaiming “ugly” fruits and vegetables.

Creating Dialogues

Maia Flora creates powerful moving image about community. ‘Turban Talks’ explores questions of race and family from the artist’s front room.

Aesthetica Art Prize: Top Tips

Get inspired to enter the Aesthetica Art Prize. We share five key pieces of advice to inform your submission to the international award.

Alternate Views

John Baloyi has a distinct aesthetic, producing portraits through a surreal Afro-centric lens. He evokes alternative views of black expression.

Christo and Jeanne-Claude: 5 Works

Christo and Jeanne-Claude are remembered for wrapping the world’s landmarks in bold fabrics. A new exhibition opens at Paris’ Centre Pompidou.

A Call to Action

A sense of urgency is prevalent in the works of this year’s graduating students at London College of Communication. These are agents of change.

Out of the Everyday

In Dan Commons’ work, red flowers, shuttered windows and urban staircases are taken out of context, asking viewers to consider the narrative.

Anna Skahill

Anna Skahill’s current work takes an interest in the intersection between relationships, memory and the family presented through a variety of media.

Kaplan Urul 

Kaplan Urul’s series Orange is an expression of the individual, representing turmoil explored through the body language of its subject.

Emma Dunaud

Emma Dunaud is a Paris based photographer. Her work is closely linked to psychology, with a therapeutic and psychoanalytical quality.

Andrew Little

Andrew Little is a recent BA Photography graduate for University of the Arts London: London College of Communication.

Tami Aftab

Tami Aftab is a London based Photographer. Her work touches on subjects of intimacy, performance and playfulness through portraiture.

Rachel Gordon

Rachel Gordon is a Scottish photographer. Lockdown enabled her to reassess her practice, resulting in the series The Fruit & The Flies.

Qiying Feng 

Qiying Feng is a BA Photography graduate from the University of the Arts: London College of Communication.

Prim Patnasiri 

Prim Patnasiri is an artist from Bangkok, Thailand, currently based in London and working in photography, video, installation.

Phoebe Somerfield

Phoebe Somerfield’s On Fairly Solid Ground is a contemplation of feminine presence within landscape, using post-industrial backdrops.

Peter Stewart Sykes

Taking its name from the tale The Juniper Tree, the series Red as Blood, White as Snow navigates various themes explored in European folk literature.

Maite De Orbe

Maite de Orbe is a photographer whose work focuses on gender, fashion, portraiture, and nature, through surrealism and the absurd.

James Greenhalgh

James Greenhalgh’s The best part of me is youis a project of discovery, delving into his own identity as a man and modern ideas of masculinity.

India Tuersley

India Tuersley’s original 9 Lives project was interrupted due to lockdown, so instead she turned to collage to create her work.

Holly De Looze

Holly de Looze’s work documents her understanding of gender roles within domestic environments, including subjects of intimacy and performance.

Dina Luna Patey

Dina Patey is a photographer and artist based between London and Oslo. She is a recent graduate of BA Photography at LCC.

Byeori Sung

Byeori Sung is a creative photographer London and Seoul. Receipt For Life is an exploration of of the balance between work and passion.

Astrid Aagaard

Astrid Aagaard-Svendsen experiments with digital collage with interests also extending to bookbinding and multi-dimensional arts.

Arianna Poverini

Arianna Poverini’s practice is research-based and takes different forms from analogue photographs and collage, to digital image and video making. .

Aimee Day

Aimee Day is a recent BA Photography graduate for University of the Arts London: London College of Communication.

Beatrice Bonino

Beatrice Bonino’s Glimpsing in the Dark (Figure 1) is an exploration of the photograph as an object and her own self-discovery as an indi- vidual.

Yaquing Tang

Yaquing Tang is a designer and commercial photographer. The series shown here is titled Food is Doing Surreal things in the Desert.

Marita Upeniece

Marita Upeniece works across a wide range of genres to express herself and new ideas, including food and still life, portraiture and landscapes.

Eliana Lale

Having previously studied dance, Eliana Lale’s photography is inspired by the idea of movement and colour to create elegant images.