Under the Surface

Hannah Brew’s textiles respond to the pandemic, drawing on experiences of working on community projects with mental health charities.

Interactive Sculpture

By creating soft, brightly-coloured sensory sculptures, Jess Rendles brings a sense of fun and interactivity into the gallery space.

Luminous Surroundings

Popping up between trees and amongst buildings, Nathaniel Rackowe’s geometric sculptures are characterised by dramatic shafts of light.

5 to See: Arles 2021

As Les Rencontres d’Arles photography festival returns for 2021, we’ve collated shows to note – exploring masculinity, race and urban expansion.

Analogue Reflections

Hazy blue forests. Close-up portraits. Black and white roads, extending into the distance. Maria Meco’s images move between fiction and reality.

A Sense of Wonder

Photographer Freya Madeline Tate crafts cinematic images. Suitcase in hand, a figure descends stairs, purchases tickets and stares into fields.

Digital Surrealism

Apples floating amongst the clouds. Puzzle pieces reflecting the sky. César Pelizer is a digital artist, animator and illustrator crafting surreal worlds.

Discover Art Differently

The Other Art Fair 2021 returns as the first in-person London fair of the year. It’s a leading event for independent and emerging artists.

Visual Messages

Lansona Kershaw is passionate about creativity and communication, combining whip-smart copywriting with impactful visuals in campaigns.

Visual Curiosity

Last year, three in five UK consumers used time at home to redecorate. In an unprecedented time, what images are we choosing and why?

The Constructed Self

Karen Navarro’s unconventional portraits investigate the intersections of identity, self-representation, race, gender and belonging.

Setting a Precedent: Design Shanghai

The world’s top practitioners navigate advancements in regenerative design at this year’s Design Shanghai. We select 5 videos to watch.

Next Generation

Join us for a morning of panel discussions and find out who wins the Aesthetica Next Generation Award 2021 – celebrating the best new talent.

Art, Freedom and Control

Ai Weiwei’s installation at Blenheim Palace is a commentary on fences and borders, taking the form of a large, golden, cage-like structure.

Naomi Delorme

Naomi Delorme is a visual artist, documentary photographer and writer looking at the landscape and language of grief in black and white images.

Chahe Chaherige

Chahe’s project discusses a crucial part of the Chinese urbanisation process—construction workers, showing individuals rather than a group.

Naomi Joanne Delorme

London-based artist Naomi Joanne Delorme is interested in grief. In her latest project MY LOVE IS A HUNDRED PITCHERS OF HONEY she attempts to create…

Chahe Chaherige

Chahe Chaherige is a Chinese multidisciplinary artist based in London. He works across a range of media including painting, photography and video. A BA in…

Nina Maria Allmoslechner

Nina Maria Allmoslechner is a London-based photographer. She explores topics such as body image, mental health, masculinity and sexuality.

Katie McCraw

Documentary photographer Katie McCraw focuses on family, nostalgia and memory. She is fascinated by the circular narrative of time.

Esther Gabrielle Kersley

Esther Gabrielle Kersley is a research-led documentary photographer whose work explores issues relating to technology, politics and society.

Laura Dester

Laura Dester’s multidisciplinary photography, performance and moving image are used to explore concepts of space, memory and belonging,

Emma Toma

In this series, set in Missouri, the artist attempts to confront themes of loss, closure and the complexity of home life and family dynamics.

Charlie Holland

Documentary photographer Charlie Holland’s latest project explores music events and underground creative communities.

Anna Drozd

Anna Drozd is a visual storyteller concerned with social justice within Eastern European contexts. She is fascinated by the idea of docu-fiction.

Giulia Grillo

Giulia Grillo is a surrealist artist, photographer and graphic designer practicing across the worlds of art, advertising and social media.

Sophy Holden

Holden’s practice is centred in narrative – she is a storyteller who references poetry. Themes include mental health, femininity and masculinity.

Sirui Ma

Sirui Ma is a London-based photographer. Born in Beijing and raised in London and New York, her work examines multicultural identities.

Siqi Li

Siqi Li is a visual artist based between London and Beijing whose practice is informed by her Chinese roots, exploring history, memory and longing.

Minjie Lv

Minjie Lv uses the lens to select a part of the existing world to express ideas, seeing photography as a form of minimal painting.

Liliia Kucher

Liliia Kucher is a Ukrainian documentary photographer who focuses on the representation of memories and connections to places.

Carmen Reichman

Carmen Reichman’s work challenges how we see the world around us and how we tell stories. She is interested in what it means to relay information.

Lina Geoushy

Lina Geoushy is a social documentary photographer. She combines communication and psychology to question and deconstruct perceptions.

Lauren Hillsdon

Nostalgia and sentimentality infiltrates all aspects of Hillsdon’s work as she employs a documentary style through the use of analogue photography.

Zheng Fang

Zheng Fang’s work is about indifference to history. The photographer shot a place in Western China called Oil Town. Now, it’s just ruins.

Laura Gaggero

Laura Gaggero explores the relationship between participatory photography and contemporary representations of women.

Nilufar Nuthall

Delving into her family’s past, Nuthall marks her position as an artist in relation to her family today. She works with film, structures and projections.

Natalia Lazaro Prevost

Lazaro Prevost explores historical depictions of the female reproductive anatomy, and its influence on how women perceive their body image.

Shihui Gao

Shihui Gao draws on her personal story. It explores loneliness and the search for emotional understanding in a post-Internet era. 

Can Shui

Can Shui is a Chinese visual artist and educator. Greeting From Strangers comprises twelve photographs, each recording a month in one year.

Alvaro Lopez Gimenez

Alvaro Lopez Gimenez is a Spanish visual artist who experiments with gender and identity through video art and performance.

Mandy Williams

Across image and video, Mandy Williams examines the exclusionary politics of modern England through the metaphor of landscape.

Ran Bi

Brian Bi is a Chinese artist born in Beijing, and currently based in London. He is interested in the living experience constructed by images.

Yura Kim

Yura’s work shows her relationship with her grandmother and deals with the issues concerning senior citizens and their challenges in Korea.

Bart Seng Wen Long

Bart’s practice is situated within the intersections of fetishism, queerness, contemporary appearance, post-racial politics and neoliberalism.

Sofia Leppan

Sofia Leppan is a visual artist based between Ibiza and London. Leppan creates video art, book design and photography of all kinds.

Renée Marie Kiangala

Renée Marie Kiangala’s practice is a contemporary critique of the involvement of surveillance studies in human development.


n00oodies is an interactive collaboration between artists and participants, exploring nude culture and the synthetic unreality of sex online.

Millie Hardingham

Feeling as though women in cinema were often represented as one dimensional and unrealistic, Hardingham created self-portraits.

Maya Gurung-Russell Campbell

Maya Gurung-Russell Campbell is a Brixton-based artist who creates evocative landscapes that explore dual heritage in a wide range of mediums.