The Rise of Post-Truth

Sprengel Museum, Hannover, probes 40 years of image-making in North America and Canada, alongside the concepts of veracity and narrative.

A Global Community

A new collection of Black photography spans the Atlantic Ocean, highlighting neither protest nor celebration, but intimate documentation.

Journeys in Deep Time

Each year, The Arts Foundation’s Futures Awards take the temperature of contemporary art and design. The 2022 winner is Libita Sibungu.

Active Observations

Deborah Moss is a New Zealand-based artist interested in expressing an intimate connection with the natural world and its transcendent quality through colour and emotive mark making to convey the sensation of being immersed in a place.

Glitches in Normality

From deserts to suburbia, Brooke DiDonato creates an off-kilter universe. Meanings of familiar objects are twisted; laws of physics unhinged.

A Digital Residence

Digital artist Andres Reisinger establishes a virtual winter haven – a place of respite and simplicity amidst the clutter of life online.

Unchanged Landscape

Białowieża Forest, on the border of Poland and Belarus, is the largest surviving remnant of a vast woodland that once stretched across Europe.

Ecofeminist Visuals

WaterAid collaborates with photographer and activist Poulomi Basu on a series exploring the impact of a lack of water on women and girls.

Technological Vanitas

Electronics have become the world’s fastest-growing waste stream. What becomes of old tech? Jeanette May explores this through still life.

Radical Possibilities

On 11 October 1928, Virginia Woolf’s Orlando was first published. Tilda Swinton curates a photography exhibition in response to the book.

Oceans of Possibility

By perforating, cropping, cutting and tearing, Canadian artist Amy Friend offers new visions of seascapes, with spellbinding results.

Journeys to Acceptance

Jessica Mitchell’s photobook is a part-fictional, part-biographical account of a woman coming to terms with her sexuality and sense of self.

America in Crisis

In 1969, a groundbreaking photographic initiative was conceived in the US. Its goal: to assess the state of the nation. What does it look like today?

Beyond the Window

From children to newlyweds, families to those living alone, photographer Julia Fullerton-Batten takes the temperature of a nation adapting to crisis.

2022 at a Glance: Design Exhibitions

The United Nations cite climate change as the defining crisis of our time. This year, designers and galleries are coming together to find ways to help.

Lights, Sounds, Air

The word “photosynthesis” translates as “a putting together of light.” Roosmarijn Pallandt’s COP26 sound sculpture delves into this phenomenon.

Fashion as Canvas

What happens when art and fashion collide? Arthena Maxx Lukmann’s creations rewrite the narrative of unwanted fast fashion garments.

Enduring Light

The Light and Space movement continues to offer absorbing and mind-expanding spectacles 50 years after its emergence from California.

Healing and Togetherness

British Art Show 9 is travelling across the UK, exploring themes of healing and reparative history through new works by contemporary artists.

Contemporary Photography:
What to See in 2022

2022 is set to be filled with exciting and thought-provoking exhibitions. This is our snapshot of what to look out for over the next six months.

Reimagined Spaces

Thomas Witzke is a German painter, photographer and digital artist. He focuses on the narrative aspect of colour; this is perhaps best expressed in the L’art pour L’art series, in which the viewer is invited to explore rooms in museums and artists’ studios.

Human Family

A new exhibition seeks to display Mary Ellen Mark’s significant contribution to the history of American documentary photography.

Art History Revisited

Here are six artists from the Aesthetica archives who draw on art history: destroying, reinventing and updating the records for 21st century audiences.

Life Between Islands

Tate Britain’s current exhibition spans Caribbean-British Art from the 1950s to today. It is the first display of its kind in a major national museum.

Beyond Categorisation

London Art Fair responds to themes of ecology, migration and political nationalism through the work of 14 contemporary British photographers.

Points of Departure

The ethics of representation have never been more important, or more closely scrutinised. Whose stories can we tell, how and why?

Painting with Video

Japanese video artist Shigeko Kubota once commented that: “in video’s reality, infinite variation becomes possible.” MoMA showcases her oeuvre.

The Playful Everyday

Lauretta Suter’s characters interact with environments in unexpected ways – standing on chairs, hiding behind cushions or diving into boxes.

5 Images for Winter

Snow covered fields. Icy lakes. Glowing lights. These five lens-based artists create works full of intrigue and atmosphere – evoking winter’s chill.

Creativity Under Constraint

Art in the Plague Year is a testament to photography as a record, and also as an act of recovery. The online show presents 55 artists.

Charting the Storm

German artist Benedikt Partenheimer uses concept-led photography and subtle optical tricks to reveal the invisible effects of climate change.

Photographs for the Festive Season

Bright crimson balloons. Colourful gifts, tied with bows. Red velvet curtains and bright orange cocktails. Drawn from the Aesthetica Archives.

10 from 2021: Top Digital Articles

What have you been reading this year? Aesthetica rounds up its most-read online articles of 2021, from emerging artists to the latest book reviews.

Communal Experience

In 2020, far from her own family in England, Laura Stevens observed an extended French family learning to live together amidst the pandemic.

Worlds of Possibility

“The freedom lets you create anything you can imagine.” Tobi Schnorpfeil’s 3D world is a place where the sun is always setting – full of potential.

Fresh Perspectives

Erik Paul is a California-based sign maker, graphic designer, painter, sculptor and engineer; the technical and creative aspects of printmaking are a particular passion. This approach has fuelled a varied, joyful career in which the experience in one medium has helped to inform another.

A Century in Focus

A new retrospective of work by photographer Imogen Cunningham explores her extraordinary range: from botanical studies to portraits.

Uncanny Happenings

LA-based Hugh Kretschmer’s characters inhabit altered realities, where everyday objects appear off-kilter and things are slightly askew.

Images and Activism

Photography plays a significant role in highlighting environmental damage, which can be difficult to see, much less identify.

A Year in Covers

This year, Aesthetica marked its 100th issue. To celebrate, we’re looking back at 2021 through the lens of our most recent cover photographers.

Lighting up Space

“My ambition is, in a sense, to make you see a little bit more tomorrow than you saw today.” A new show brings the minimalist spirit of Robert Irwin to Berlin.

Between Analogue and Virtual

BIENALSUR – the International Biennial of Contemporary Art of the South – creates a network of associative collaboration around the globe.

Playing with Perception

Thomas Demand’s work may, at first glance, appear to show empty, mundane interiors. These are, in fact, highly politically charged locations.

Feast for the Senses

New Era brings together the many strands of American artist Doug Aitken’s creative output from the 1990s to the present day.

Portraits Through Time

John Madu plays with time. He is best known for bright figurative paintings: symbolic portraits which look to the past, present and future.

Colour and Movement

Anna Huix’s works are bright, energetic and full of motion. Figures twist, bend and stretch – creating unexpected shapes and silhouettes.

Cultural Documentary

Patrick Wack’s new monograph, DUST, explores whether China’s 21st century push westward mirrors events in America 200 years ago.

Fragile Future

Lonneke Gordijn and Ralph Nauta are interested in using light and technology to refresh audiences’ ideas of the natural world.

Altered States

Exploded paintings. Shattered flowers. Fragmented images. In a new series, Ori Gersht draws on postcards from renowned galleries worldwide.

5 to See: Winter Light Shows

This festive season, London is aglow with immersive and interactive artworks: from mist-filled rooms to giant tree-like sculptures.