Rula Jebreal

Rula Jebreal is an award-winning journalist who specialises in foreign affairs and immigration rights issues.

Truth & Lies on the Road to Nashville

In How to Read the Air, Dinaw Mengestu explores family relationships and one man’s need to reinvent the past, present and future to deal with his memories.

Refracted Dreams in the New World

In The End, Scibona presents a powerful discourse on the realities of being an immigrant in a country where hopes and dreams can fast turn to poverty and loss.

Wesley Stace

In conversation with Wesley Stace.

A Gothic Novel with a Twist

In Your Presence is Required at Suvanto Maile Chapman presents an unnerving treatise on the effects of age on the body and isolation on the mind.

Michèle Roberts

In conversation with Michèle Roberts.

Adam Ross

In the thrilling debut novel, Mr Peanut by Adam Ross, reality twists and turns as the past collides with the present.

Andrew Porter

In conversation with Andrew Porter.

Justine Kilkerr

In Advice for Strays, Kilkerr challenges our perceptions of reality and presents a case study on coping with mental illness.

Aifric Campbell

In conversation with Aifric Campbell.

Paul Murray

In Skippy Dies, Paul Murray goes back to school to give a crash course on bullies, boredom and societal power structures.

Re-enchanting Everyday Life

Exploring the connection between human emotion and divine intervention, contemporary fantasy Angels of Destruction considers the ability of art and imagination to create new worlds.

Q&A with Neil Forsyth

In conversation with Neil Forsyth

The Luxury of Shame

The latest African writer to come to prominence in Europe, Unigwe engages with prejudice and polarised conceptions of right and wrong.

Sophie Cooke

With a cast of varied and unexpected characters, Cooke reveals herself to be a keen evaluator of individuals and their silent struggle with the outside world.

Colson Whitehead

How Colson Whitehead avoids cliché and traditional motif in Sag Harbor, his autobiographical fourth novel, which is definitely not a coming-of-age tale.

Tom Lee

Greenfly is an assured collection of 12 individually outstanding narratives. The context varies wildly, from East London, to Gold Rush era USA, to a desert island.

Gina Ochsner

In conversation with Gina Ochsner.

100 Years of championing poetry

Celebrating one hundred years of the one of the most beautiful written forms, the Poetry Society is at the very heart of today’s literary culture.

A Journey into The Flying Troutmans

Miriam Toews’ tale of a road trip, a family, and their journey to discover the missing pieces is moving, while her own stories of being on the road are unforgettable.