Interview with Ellis Ludwig-Leone from San Fermin on New Album Jackrabbit

We take a moment to speak to San Fermin band leader Ellis Ludwig-Leone, who studied music composition at Yale and was an assistant to contemporary classical music composer and arranger Nico Muhly.

Interview with Marko Nyberg of Husky Rescue

Husky Rescue’s new album The Long Lost Friend: Special Edition is out on Catskills Records now. The title of the album comes from the story of a real lost friend.

SOLUNA, Dallas Arts District

The Dallas Symphony Orchestra’s new classical music and fine arts festival is centred in the Dallas Arts District and is anchored by live performances.

Scottish Dance Theatre: Miann, Southbank Centre

Taking its title from the Gaelic word for craving and desire, Miann is Fleur Darkin’s first full-length work as artistic director at Scottish Dance Theatre. The piece will appear at Southbank Centre.

Bruce Nauman, Fondation Cartier, Paris

Creating artworks and performances that traverse genres and mediums, Bruce Nauman defies classification and stands as one of the most influential contemporary artists working today.

Abstract Designs Amongst Colours and Forms- The Art of Anna Edholm

Self taught Swedish artist Anna Edholm works with layers of acrylic paint on canvas. With her abstract designs aim to direct the viewer to use their imagination and to find patterns and meanings.

Collective Inspiration

Songstress Esmé Patterson has crafted a bright, bold and intriguing collection of songs that give voice to music’s most known – and famously silent – female muses.

The Aesthetica Art Prize 2015 Exhibition Launches Today

Today marks the exhibition preview of the Aesthetica Art Prize 2015, with the show opening to the public tomorrow. The exhibition champions excellence in contemporary art from around the world.

Interview with Electronic Musician Christian Fennesz

Christian Fennesz, Austrian electronic producer and musician, teamed up with Lillevan, German artist and performer to celebrate the work of fellow Austrian Gustav Mahler. We speak to Fennesz.

Interview with Exhibit Be Founder Brandan Odums

Exhibit Be is an artistic endeavour of epic proportions. Helmed by artist Brandan “BMike” Odums, it is an ode to how art disturbs the waters of our contentment without cornering us with guilt.

Interview with Artist Magne Furuholmen, Exhibiting at Dovecot Studios

Dovecot Studios opens a new exhibition of work by Norwegian artist and musician Magne Furuholmen. We speak to Furuholmen about his move into tapestry and how Dovecot inspired the new work.

Mariano Pensotti: Cineastas

Argentine author and director, Mariano Pensotti, is best known for creating theatre that explores the tension between fiction and reality. The director is heralded as an important creative in Argentina.

Interview with Andy Holden of The Grubby Mitts

Acclaimed artist Andy Holden has teamed up with Roger Illingworth, Johnny Parry, John Blamey and James MacDowell to form an experimental band breaking the boundaries between art and music.

Picturing New Sounds

For four decades, with his ground-breaking label, Manfred Eicher has changed how jazz and other experimental genres are thought about, recorded and visually represented.

Interview with Christopher Wilmot-Sitwell on Art Fund and cazenove+loyd

The Art Fund has teamed up with one of the most respected names in the travel industry, cazenove+loyd, to offer audiences insightful and luxurious art tours to international destinations.

Review of Jeff Koons, Pompidou Centre, Paris

In this retrospective of American artist Jeff Koons, Pompidou Centre provides viewers with an illuminating chronology on the evolution of one of contemporary art’s most controversial figures.

FutureEverything Festival, 25-28 February, Manchester

FutureEverything is not staging a retrospective, but a platform for a global community to collaboratively reflect on the bleeding edges of art, academia, design and business.

Manual Cinema: Mementos Mori, MCA Chicago

Manual Cinema’s Mementos Mori is a feature-length cinematic shadow play that combines overhead projectors, intricate paper puppets, sound effects, a live onstage chamber ensemble, and live actors to discuss digital culture.

London Short Film Festival Announces 2015 Programme

For the 12th year, London Short Film Festival returns with an outstanding programme of short films. Running 9 – 18 January, the festival aims to prove that the UK is truly a hotbed of film creativity.

Playtime, Cornerhouse, Manchester

Moving sites in spring 2015, Manchester-based cross art form organisation, Cornerhouse, closes its current space with nine artists, filmmakers and musicians celebrating the iconic venue: Rosa Barba, Niklas Goldbach and more.