Natalia Lazaro Prevost

Unmaking the menstruating body is a visual investigation of the historical depiction of the female reproductive anatomy, and its influence on women and how they perceive their body image. It consists of an installation with three separate collections. The work invites the audience to “rethink the existing architecture of the female condition.” 

The Wandering Organ shows how anatomical drawings have changed over time. Photographs by the artist critique how medical depictions have played a fundamental role in the degradation of the female body. Abuse Abstracts is a conceptual photography series of women’s underwear painted by the artist with her menstrual blood, exploring the emotional effects of abusive practices on women through the shape of the stains and the folding of the cloths. In Images of the Menstruating Body, photographs visualise women’s images of their body during menstruation, with texts describing their ideas.