Unrivalled Iconography

Renowned for impeccable tailoring with unexpected elements lurking beneath each perfect cut, Paul Smith rose from a single, tiny shop in Nottingham to a designer of global domination.

William Kentridge: Fortuna

“Fortuna” is a concept employed by the acclaimed South African artist William Kentridge to describe his creative process. It implies more than simple chance but less than a fully conceived plan: a kind of engineered luck.


Milius, the first feature-length documentary from director duo Zak Knutson and Joey Figueroa, unearths the real character of John Milius.

Mister John

In Mister John, Gillen straddles two worlds – the one he wishes to leave behind and an alternative existence occupied by someone he once knew, but no more.

Cornelia Parker

Cornelia Parker is a British sculptor and installation artist who is interested in the potential of materials. Her latest involvement is with Glasstress, as one of 65 artists challenged to work with glass.


It’s an outstanding feat for any British film company to reach its first birthday – Warp has hit 10 consecutive anniversaries, adding yet more titles to its body of work.

Dear Beloved

Barging its way through 12 tracks of stormy, experimental guitars, Hawk Vs Pigeon succeeds in completing a compelling, and totally bonkers album.

American Dreams

Tracing a landscape of signs, buildings and interiors, Jim Dow’s photographs record the character of a past era. Beginning in the 1960s, he has continued to capture these elements all over the world.

New Graphic Design

With over 500 pages of superb colour images, the canvases for the work range from book covers, magazines and posters to scarves, apps and music videos.

The Rifles

The Rifles’ fourth album, None the Wiser, is a fast paced indie rollercoaster which finds the band’s trademark rock and roll sounds once more.

Nostalgic Desires

Cally Whitham records the ordinary, transforming it into a surreal landscape, reflecting the way places are perceived through nostalgia and memory.