Stencil Republic

Including an introduction by street artist Lady Aiko and an interview with Stencil King, this is a stimulating introduction to stencils, spraypaint and public space.


Yorgos Lanthimos returns this autumn with his third feature film Alps, an extra­ordinary follow-up to Dogtooth, imbued with Lanthimos’ trademark style.

Bouroullec Brothers

Straddling the worlds of art, architecture and consumer culture, the Bouroullec brothers open their first mid-career survey at MCA Chicago this autumn.

Late September

Late September is a portrait of lonely people discovering unpalatable truths about themselves at a 65th birthday party.

The 24 Hour Plays

The 24 Hour Plays nurtures theatrical talent by putting a select group of young theatre-makers together to create vibrant new work that challenges their creativity.


Focusing on the unseen world of Iranian youth culture, the narrative develops around the relationship of two young girls, Atafeh and Shireen.

The Bitter Years

The Bitter Years offers a poignant and heartbreaking insight into The Great Depression of the 1930s.

In My View

In My View is a valuable collection of vignettes, personal stories, moments and reflections from the contemporary art world’s most recognisable figures.

Breathing (Atmen)

A story of rehabilitation, Breathing doesn’t hammer home its theme of new life through death. Instead, it focuses on a young man with a Year Zero outlook.

Submotion Orchestra

Fragments is the hotly anticipated second album from septet Submotion Orchestra and it doesn’t disappoint.


Vancouver-based Brasstronaut’s sound has developed over the years to include six members playing instruments such as flugelhorn, lap steel and trumpets in addition to their usual line up.