In My View

Simon Grant
Thames & Hudson

The problem with the majority of discourse on artists and their inspiration is that it is often shoehorned in at the end of an interview, quickly discussed and then moved on from. In My View bucks this trend and gives due space to the influences and inspiration of 78 living contemporary artists including Frank Auerbach, Thomas Demand and Rachel Whiteread.

What is implied by the title In My View? Firstly, that this is not a critical text. There are no art critics attempting a correct interpretation or correlation between, say, Spartacus Chetwynd’s output and her chosen artwork, Pirro Ligorio’s Park of the Monsters. Furthermore, not all the contributions are as clear cut as Antony Gormley singing the praises of the early 20th century sculptor Jacob Epstein.

Providing a much-needed alternative look at art history from the 15th to the mid 20th century, In My View is a valuable collection of vignettes, personal stories, moments and reflections from some of the contemporary art world’s most recognisable and powerful figures.

Bethany Rex