Building the Revolution

In autumn 2011, a major survey explored a 20 year period in Soviet art and architecture at the Royal Academy of Arts.

Turner Prize 2011

One of the World’s most defining art prizes opened in 2011 at Baltic. We explore the shortlist with Godfrey Worsdale, Director of Baltic.

Another Language

Silja Magg creates images that evoke another world. Her precise use of light and creates works that cross boundaries including photography, design and fashion.

Frankie Shea

Frankie Shea aims to elevate the status of street related art by referencing the roots of this genre, but also focusing on street art becoming more mainstream


Acclaimed photographer Michael Eastman’s work focuses on the grandeur of 1950s Havana, but most striking about Eastman’s images is their emptiness.

Mark Wallinger

After winning the Turner Prize in 2007, and then being commissioned for The White Horse, Wallinger has become a part of our current discourse.

Andy Warhol: Headlines

It is a known fact that Warhol was obsessed with contemporary culture, but the feeling was, and still remains, mutual.


Murakami is renowned for his exceptional imagination and this book does not disappoint; he weaves a myriad of worlds together in a moving combination.

A Lovesong for India

A Love Song for India is a moving collection of short stories, all with an air of the fantastic, each with its own allegorical message to give.

The Sound of Gravity

From the author of Touching the Void, Joe Simpson’s latest novel is a harrowing account of love, loss and redemption.