Building a History

Women in Architecture is a new book highlighting those responsible for some of the most dazzling features of our contemporary built environment.

5 Must-Attend Events:
Future Now Symposium 2021

4 Days. 30 Events. 100 Speakers. The Aesthetica Future Now Symposium 2021 goes online this year, bringing together key artists for live talks.

Enduring Legacies

The ninth edition of Artes Mundi launches online. This year’s shortlist takes a critical look at how historical injustices shape inequalities today.

Global Points of View

This year’s Foam Talent exhibition is available to view worldwide on a dedicated digital platform, highlighting work by the best new image-makers.

Bearing Witness

Chilean-born, New York-based Alfredo Jaar demonstrates the power of contemporary art to confront political realities through images and video.

Curating at Home

Classical arches. Geometric shapes. Abstract portraits. According to Desenio, these are the biggest visual trends for 2021. Read the interview.

New Talent Online

London College of Fashion launches a digital platform to showcase its latest cohort of creative talent. Aesthetica selects four projects to explore.

Aesthetica Art Prize:
Lights in the Darkness

Earth Hour asks us to embrace the night. We select 5 Aesthetica Art Prize alumni that explore the play of light in nocturnal environments.

The World Revisited

Is documentary photography is dead? A new show at New York’s International Center of Photography quietly captures the world as it is.

Art and Mourning

The latest exhibition at New York’s New Museum presents a searing cross-section of work by Black American artists, titled ‘Grief and Grievance.’

Championing Creativity:
Online with Bombay Sapphire

Katy Hessel launched @thegreatwomenartists in 2015. It has since grown into a major podcast. Hear her speak on International Women’s Day.

A Sense of Place

Five emerging artists at Circulation(s) festival explore the role of the camera lens in constructing narratives – and fantasies – of identity and place.

10 to See: Women’s History Online

This month, learn about trailblazing photographers, pioneering creatives and activists fighting for change. Browse our digital round up.

Dreamlike Horizons

Judith Sayrach finds inspiration when out alone in nature, creating hazy images of solitary spaces: seascapes, lone trees, sunsets and open skies.

New Dimensions

Geometric shapes bend and interlock. Arcs, circles and straight lines pile up on top of each other. These are multi-dimensional works by Wyatt Kahn.

Creativity and Resilience

A woman stretches upwards, face tipped back, arms reaching towards the sky, her entire form shimmering silver. This is photography by Lee Miller.

Outside the Box

Rippling tennis courts. Bright red rooms. Portals into open, cloud-filled skies. Artist and designer Akama Paul pushes the boundaries of reality.

Aesthetica Archives:
Highways at Dusk

Endless roads, street lights and motel signs. Take a deep dive into our archives and discover image-makers capturing life on the road.

Suspended Moments

La Prairie, the Swiss skincare brand, continues its commitment to the arts world with a collaboration between Nobuhiro Nakanishi and Max Richter.

Sense of Belonging

New York-based photographer Stacy Mehrfar’s new book reflects upon the loss of roots and search for belonging in the wake of immigration.