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Aesthetica Art Prize: 5 Photographs

Photography has never been so present in our lives. The Aesthetica Art Prize celebrates image-makers who are exploring today’s complex world.

Aesthetica Issue 94

The April / May edition is titled ‘Resilience.’ This issue is about ideas and innovation, standing together through cultural collaboration.

10 Influential Buildings to Know

Aesthetica selects ten exciting 20th century buildings from around the world – offering examples of shifting architectural movements.

Kasten: Experimental Forms

Whilst the show at Kunstmuseum Wolfsburg is closed, Aesthetica speaks to Barbara Kasten about materiality, abstraction and creative perseverance.

Moments in Time

“The photography I most respect pulls something out of the ether of nothingness.” Paul Graham’s everyday snapshots connect us to the past.

The Space Inbetween

Ismail Zaidy’s images explore distance between family members – the emotional estrangement and tensions that can cloud our experiences.  

Aesthetica Archives: Stephen Shore

Stephen Shore is one of the most influential photographers in modern history, who developed his parents’ negatives from six years old.

Images to Inspire Your Writing

Aesthetica selects five images from the archives to inspire your creativity. These atmospheric works are rich in narrative, for a poem or short story.

Into Illusion

Mue Studio’s series ‘Somewhere in the World’ is deliberately open-ended – leaving the mind to wander and explore in expansive horizons.

5 Trailblazing Women Architects

Aesthetica pinpoints five groundbreaking architects who have changed the landscape with their pioneering designs.

Call for Reportage

The Marilyn Stafford Foto Reportage Award has returned for 2020. The prize is looking for female photographers documenting our changing world.

Aesthetica Art Prize: 5 Painters

Painting and drawing have provided the foundations for contemporary art. The Aesthetica Art Prize demonstrates new approaches.

Pioneers of Light and Space

Aesthetica highlights the Light and Space movement – a group of trailblazing artists based in and around Los Angeles in the 1960s.

Staying Home: Art Podcasts

Staying home is essential right now, which means there’s plenty of time to discover the breadth of free cultural content.

Cultural Connections

Robert Giard made connections between LGBTQ+ cultural producers of the late 20th-century, as highlighted by Leslie-Lohman Museum of Art.

Aesthetica Archives: James Casebere

James Casebere is renowned for a pioneering use of models in his constructed photographs. Aesthetica reflects on series made across 10 years.

Responding to the Moment

A new publication from Kehrer Verlag negotiates the influence of visual media in the modern world – updating iconic images for an online audience.

10 Land Artworks to Know

Aesthetica collates 10 visually striking examples of Land Art. Earthworks – pieces made in the landscape – continue to influence today’s artists.

Video Pioneers

When technology boomed in the 1960s, art changed forever. ‘Video/Art: The First Fifty Years’ explores the story of new media in the art world.

Retro Styling

Joelle Grace Taylor combines a love of retro styling and creative direction, producing dream-like images full of energy, colour and depth.

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