Revolution in Bloom

It’s hard to think of a symbol more prevalent in cultural history than a flower. This theme runs through The Earth Issue’s latest online exhibition.

The Power of Storytelling

“A great artwork tells a story, makes a statement or can make you think. It can move you.” UP & COMING ART is a new digital gallery championing new voices.

Manifesting Desires

Themes of destiny, vision and aspiration run throughout Oye Diran’s portraits and still lifes, fusing pops of colour with detailed motifs.

5 Must-Attend Photography Events

French inventor Nicéphore Niépce took the first photo in 1827. Today, they are everywhere. What makes a great image? Learn more at Future Now.

The Makings of Modernity

Museum of Modern Art launches a new chronological survey of Alexander Calder’s work: from wire sculptures to kinetic constructions.

Aesthetica Archives:
Images for Spring

Get inspired with dreamlike visuals. 10 photographers capture optimistic shots of sun-drenched fields, lakes and oceans.

Headline Speakers:
Future Now 2021

This year’s outstanding lineup of headline speakers includes Turner Prize nominees, Magnum Photographers and Silver Lion winners.

10 Questions with Skinder Hundal

We pose 10 questions to our Future Now Symposium key speakers. British Council’s Skinder Hundal discusses his role.

Charting the Course: Issue 100

This is a special edition of Aesthetica Magazine. We are 100 issues old, marking 18 years of the publication. Charting the Course is available now.

New Technologies at Future Now

4.6 billion people now use the internet. Leading artists Jakob Kudsk Steensen and Bill Posters consider digital worlds at Future Now 2021.

Concealment and Control

Photographer Jackie Nickerson wraps the human form in elaborate, unwieldy costumes made of waste plastic, exploring ecology and technology.

Interviews to Watch:
5 Lens-Based Artists

Leading photographers and filmmakers speak about their practice: Viviane Sassen, Nan Goldin, Isaac Julien, Hiroshi Sugimoto and Dawoud Bey.

10 Questions with Zoe Whitley

Ahead of the Future Now Symposium, we pose 10 questions to our key speakers. Zoe Whitley, Director, Chisenhale Gallery, tells us about her role.

Aesthetica Art Prize:
5 Women Sculptors

Sculpture is evolving. It’s moving beyond traditional definitions. Discover five contemporary artists exploring material and form.

Future Now 2021:
5 Events to Stream

Discover five more sessions to attend at this year’s digital Aesthetica Future Now Symposium, featuring women sculptors and environmental art.

Redefining Fashion

From Renaissance painting to Alice in Wonderland and contemporary music, VeryRare asks consumers to reconsider relationships with fashion.

Brutalist Architecture:
Buildings to Know

Brutalism is one of the most divisive architectural forms in history. We highlight 5 outstanding examples to know from across the globe.

Constructed Portraiture

Filipino artist Wawi Navarroza stages stylised, vibrantly coloured images that explore the “Tropical Gothic” and ask questions about selfhood.

Evoking the Senses

Kristina Varaksina’s psychologically-charged self-portrait series might be seen as a claustrophobic, 21st century take on classical painting.

Championing Innovation

Huxley-Parlour has been a pioneer of the art market for a decade. We highlight 10 iconic artists hosted by the gallery, one photograph for each year.