Anna Skahill

Anna Skahill’s current work takes an interest in the intersection between relationships, memory and the family presented through a variety of media.

Kaplan Urul 

Kaplan Urul’s series Orange is an expression of the individual, representing turmoil explored through the body language of its subject.

Emma Dunaud

Emma Dunaud is a Paris based photographer. Her work is closely linked to psychology, with a therapeutic and psychoanalytical quality.

Andrew Little

Andrew Little is a recent BA Photography graduate for University of the Arts London: London College of Communication.

Tami Aftab

Tami Aftab is a London based Photographer. Her work touches on subjects of intimacy, performance and playfulness through portraiture.

Rachel Gordon

Rachel Gordon is a Scottish photographer. Lockdown enabled her to reassess her practice, resulting in the series The Fruit & The Flies.

Qiying Feng 

Qiying Feng is a BA Photography graduate from the University of the Arts: London College of Communication.

Prim Patnasiri 

Prim Patnasiri is an artist from Bangkok, Thailand, currently based in London and working in photography, video, installation.

Phoebe Somerfield

Phoebe Somerfield’s On Fairly Solid Ground is a contemplation of feminine presence within landscape, using post-industrial backdrops.

Peter Stewart Sykes

Taking its name from the tale The Juniper Tree, the series Red as Blood, White as Snow navigates various themes explored in European folk literature.

Maite De Orbe

Maite de Orbe is a photographer whose work focuses on gender, fashion, portraiture, and nature, through surrealism and the absurd.

James Greenhalgh

James Greenhalgh’s The best part of me is youis a project of discovery, delving into his own identity as a man and modern ideas of masculinity.

India Tuersley

India Tuersley’s original 9 Lives project was interrupted due to lockdown, so instead she turned to collage to create her work.

Holly De Looze

Holly de Looze’s work documents her understanding of gender roles within domestic environments, including subjects of intimacy and performance.

Dina Luna Patey

Dina Patey is a photographer and artist based between London and Oslo. She is a recent graduate of BA Photography at LCC.

Byeori Sung

Byeori Sung is a creative photographer London and Seoul. Receipt For Life is an exploration of of the balance between work and passion.

Astrid Aagaard

Astrid Aagaard-Svendsen experiments with digital collage with interests also extending to bookbinding and multi-dimensional arts.

Arianna Poverini

Arianna Poverini’s practice is research-based and takes different forms from analogue photographs and collage, to digital image and video making. .

Aimee Day

Aimee Day is a recent BA Photography graduate for University of the Arts London: London College of Communication.

Beatrice Bonino

Beatrice Bonino’s Glimpsing in the Dark (Figure 1) is an exploration of the photograph as an object and her own self-discovery as an indi- vidual.