A Year in Covers

Join us as we round up another year of fantastic cover photography. From pop-coloured paper environments to landscapes filled with balloons, here are the six images featured on our 2022 newsstands.

Fares Micue

Spanish photographer Fares Micue crafts surreal self-portraits in which the artist – often looking skyward – is covered by bright balloons and flocks of paper birds. On the cover, Micue can be seen staring out towards a distant mountain range, with huge pink spheres dancing overhead.

Ulaş Kesebir and Merve Türkan

Ulaş Kesebir and Merve Türkan “redefine the parameters of fashion imagery” with bold colour schemes and alluring environments. Our front-page shot shows a figure jumping – or falling – backwards onto a plush velvet sofa, creating a sense of movement. Colour-wise, bright red pops against deep moss green.

Tekla Severin

Tekla Severin is known for seeking, and finding, complementary colours within her surroundings, offering carefully curated mises-en-scène. Here, a figure dressed in purple peers into the folds of a canary yellow building. The bright palette is unexpected; it stands out against the Brutalist design of building.

Anna Devís and Daniel Rueda

Anna Devís and Daniel Rueda’s images redefine the conventions of structural photography whilst tapping into the pillars of architectural tourism. This image, however, takes a step back from their usual style. The duo take a more conceptual approach, as a character cuts and peels back paper to reveal what lies beneath.

Elsa Parra and Johanna Benaïnous

Duo Elsa Parra and Johanna Benaïnous play with the idea of autofiction – blurring the distinctions between the photographer and subject in reconstructions of family memories. Two identical subjects stand amongst lush green grass, staring out towards the forest and setting sun that lies just beyond.

Laura Perrucci and Matteo De Santis

Laura Perrucci and Matteo De Santis demonstrate a fresh take on collage. Bubble wrap and printed words, for example, lie over cloudless blue skies and dreamy portraiture. What stands out about this image is the sense of texture; readers might be inclined to try to pop the two-dimensional bubbles.

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