Visual Inspiration

Jamal Nxedlana’s images are rooted in an Afro-Surrealist style, “creating an alternative image repertoire to tackle biased views of Africa.”

Building the Future

How do designers shape the way we understand the world around us, as we tackle the climate emergency, political tensions and digital ethics?

Cutting and Pasting

Expanding the dimensions of traditional photography, Haser uses paper-folding techniques, collage and mixed media to blur distinctions.

Layers of Complexity

Data plays a huge role in our lives today. Emmanuelle Moureaux’s immersive installation assesses how numbers are related to memory.

Towards Preservation

After half of Claudia Andujar’s family were killed in WWII, she dedicated five decades to photographing and raising awareness of the Yanomami people.

Stepping into Dreams

Alex Fruehmann’s dramatic and expansive photographs immerse the viewer in the hyperreal, inviting them to revel in the negative space.

Future Greats: Christopher Stott

The Aesthetica Art Prize Exhibition examines the parameters of contemporary art. Christopher Stott’s paintings transform objects into icons.

Defining Images

“Photography in 2020 is as ubiquitous as the last Instagram post, text, or tweet.” The Met explores the last 100 years of image-making in a new show.

Environmental Responsibility

Foam evaluates society’s complex relationship with nature, presenting innovative visual strategies from contemporary artists.

Constructing a Narrative

Jan Rosseel’s photographs examine how a safety-conscious society has become desensitised to fleeting visuals of global disasters in the media.

Future Greats: Geoff Titley

Geoff Titley’s photography is shortlisted for the Aesthetica Art Prize 2020. It explores decomposition and organic cycles in nature.

Challenging Perspectives

The Biennale of Sydney 2020 provides a space for 110 international artists to consider sovereignty, inclusivity and activism.

Cinematic Surrealism

Alex Prager marries cinematic tradition with staged scenarios – creating staged photographs reminiscent of Hollywood glamour.

A Dynamic Approach

René Groebli has always been an artist on the move. A new exhibition and publication demonstrates modernist thinking and dynamism.

Future Greats: Andres Orozco

The Aesthetica Art Prize Exhibition returns for 2020. Andres Orozco’s photographs define a new relationship between humans and urban spaces

5 to See: This Weekend

Trailblazing women photographers. Pioneering light artists. Conversations about the climate crisis. Aesthetica collates must-see exhibitions.

New Viewpoints

A house designed for watching the sunset. Mirrored structures standing tall in the landscape. These are works by Swiss artist Not Vital.

Mirrored Realities

Stan Douglas’ ‘Doppelgänger’ is rife with motifs of mirrors, binaries, parallels and doubles, diving into where the “other” sits in society today.

5 to See: COLLECTIBLE Design Fair

Collectible Design Fair returns for 2020, presenting a curated environment for visitors to encounter contemporary objects and interiors.

Experiencing Architecture

We live, work and sleep surrounded by buildings. So how does architecture shape our experience? This question is central to Adelaide International.

Sony World Photography Awards 2020

Sony World Photography Awards introduces a new environment category, responding to the climate crisis and a changing world.

5 to See: This Weekend

Aesthetica selects this weekend’s must-see shows – featuring the new Steve McQueen retrospective at Tate Modern and prize-winning portraits.

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