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The distorted forms created by sculptor Roxy Paine (b. 1966) embody the clash between human and natural worlds. The re­curring motif of an industrialised tree, for example, fuses man­made materials such as epoxy, steel and polymer, which reveal and examine the complex and unresolved interplay between the forces of chaos and attempts at control, as well as the intersec­tion between organic life and fabricated interpretation. Paul Kasmin Gallery’s, New York, Farewell Transmission is a two-venue showcase of recent sculptures by Paine, spanning the spaces at 293 and 297 Tenth Avenue. Two distinct series are on show – Dioramas and Dendroids – each of which expresses anxieties about the human impact on our habitat and the mechanised tools we employ to impose order and control, often resulting in disordered and unpredictable outcomes.

Roxy Paine: Farewell Transmission runs until 1 July. For more information:

1. Roxy Paine, experiment, 2015. Courtesy of Paul Kasmin Gallery. © Roxy Paine.