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Illusory Buildings

Anna Carey’s photographs appear to be just that: photographs. Yet with closer inspection, it becomes clear that they are actually models in miniature.

Art, Creativity and Wellness

Maker, educator and climate activist Brigitte Jurack’s largest solo show to date invites viewers to look slowly at their immediate environment.

This Season: 5 UK Shows to See

The Turner Prize and Tate’s most recent Turbine Hall commission are amongst this season’s must-see UK shows, positioning art as a tool for communication.

Global Movement

Olgaç Bozalp’s monograph, Leaving One for Another, is a timely visual documentation of migration that combines documentary with fine art.

Re-evaluating the Canon

We are living in a moment of reappraisals, with new art books surveying art and photography that challenges gendered stereotypes in visual culture.

Reflective Intersections

Multidisciplinary artist Wei Ting Chen was born in Taiwan and is based in Tokyo. His award-winning practice includes video art, performance and sculpture, along with paintings using acrylic and oil pastel, which are often accompanied by poems that correspond to the visual parts of a piece.

Creating New Realities

New York-based artist KangHee Kim produces images that help us imagine brighter possibilities – away from internet rabbit holes and live feeds.

Playing in Still Life

Yuni Yoshida is interested in the appearance of fruits, vegetables and flowers. “No one is the same as any other… patterns and shapes give us fresh surprises.”

Dreaming in Digital

Machine intelligence artist Refik Anadol creates fluid sculptures from data-driven algorithms. A new show at MoMA proposes a world in which AI can dream.

Transforming the Studio

A 50-year retrospective of Samuel Fosso’s approach to self-transformation – and engagement with historical legacies – inspires audiences globally.

A Modern Paradox

In a new monograph, photographer Joshua K. Jackson highlights the importance of genuine connections within a socially isolated world.

The Power of Reflection

The mirror is a symbol rooted in the history of art and culture. Émilie Möri, a French-Swiss photographer, works in this tradition.

Composed Minimalism

Swimming pool geometry translates into desolate landscapes reflecting human vulnerabilities in the work of acclaimed photographer Mária Švarbová.

Immersive Landscapes

Darkness is a constant presence in Liam Wong’s neon-noir photographs, which expose the quiet solitude of global nightlife and question reality.

Radical New Ground

Tyler Mitchell has pushed the boundary of fashion photography. His visions of Black utopia provide everyday moments of beauty and contemplation.

Into the Small Hours

Henri Prestes investigates the calm yet ominous presence of the twilight hours in remote locations, producing cinematic and considered landscapes.

World of Imagination

Suppen is a series of limitless creativity. Miguel Vallinas Prieto’s surreal compositions transform ordinary table settings into something magical.

Seamless Horizons

Alexis Pichot’s ethereal archipelagos provide a moment of reflection amidst the constant influx of digital news, images and information.

Crafting a Narrative

Duo Elsa Parra and Johanna Benaïnous blur the distinctions between the photographer and subject in reconstructions of family memories.

Surrealist Assemblage

Priscilla Ong uses assemblage in bold, colourful and often humorous displays of inanimate items, crafting new narratives from mundane materials.