Intuitive Symbolism

Maia Flore (b. 1988) weaves her way through metaphorical landscapes in the series Situations, as an apparition in red. The French photographer is the subject of her own panoramic scenarios, which negotiate realism and the imagination. The figure becomes one with the landscape, merging with trees and mirroring natural forms, whilst standing out in emblematic crimson against a backdrop of pearly mists and verdant fields. She moulds her body to fit its surroundings in a choreographed navigation of nature. Flore’s staged versions of reality feature subtly improbable elements which reveal themselves slowly – her trademark auburn hair echoing the red accents in the series, defying gravity as it meanders up a tree trunk. These symbolically charged narratives offer a window into an inner, psychological world. Flore’s work has featured in Kinfolk and The New Yorker. Most recently, she was the recipient of the Prix HSBC pour la photographie 2015.