Unpopular Culture: Grayson Perry curates at Yorkshire Sculpture Park

Taking advantage of my friend’s car, I escaped the city this weekend to visit the unique environment of Yorkshire Sculpture Park. It’s a fantastic summer…

Contemporary Art in the Middle East: Artworld

This collection of art confronts the Western misinterpretations of the Middle East, offering a catalogue of the cultural diversity that is occurring in the region.

A World History of Art

A mammoth text, now in its seventh revised edition, this is a seminal work looking at the history of art from “before history” through to the third millennium.

Woodstock: Three Days that Rocked the World

This book is a brilliant artefact of the event. It opens with a foreword by the venerable Martin Scorsese, and is organised in three parts “Origins” “The Event” and “The Aftermath”.

George Orwell Narrative Essays

Narrative Essays, part of a set with Critical Essays, was collected by George Packer to do justice to Orwell’s extra-ordinary talents as a non-fiction writer.

Angels of Destruction

Donohue has a mastery of the time-space continuum, with a narrative arc that spans three decades in a heart-wrenching exploration of the human condition.

Small Wars

Sadie Jones has done it again. Not only has she sold 400,000 copies of her debut, The Outcast, but also created a new story, rich in complex human relationships.

Q&A with Neil Forsyth

In conversation with Neil Forsyth

The Luxury of Shame

The latest African writer to come to prominence in Europe, Unigwe engages with prejudice and polarised conceptions of right and wrong.

Immersive Theatre Now

A radical restructuring of Federico García Lorca from Metta Theatre, tackles our preoccupation with knife-crime and highlights the writer’s relevance today.

Andy Balman

Andy Balman started his career in events and moved into the arts when he jointly set up and ran the Biscuit Factory, Europe’s largest commercial art gallery.


There’s no beating about the bush here as Bastila attack like ADD drummer-boys on Christmas day in opening tracks You Can’t Catch Me and The Slacker.

Larry Tee

Having worked the New York club circuit for over a decade, Larry Tee is frequently credited as responsible for the initiation of electro-clash.

Royal City

The band brings together a combination of psychedelic rock and New American Weird to team idiosyncratic lyrics with nostalgic melodies and raw guitar riffs.

Little Dragon

Little Dragon’s influences oscillate between pop, jazz, soul and R&B, creating atmospheric tracks like Never Never, and the more experimental Come Home.


Often compared to the likes of Bob Dylan, Elliot Smith and Syd Barrett, Julien Barbagallo aka AKA Lecube holds a special place in the music world.


From the very first sun-drenched guitar chord, Telekinesis! is imbued with an overarching immediacy – wrenched, quickly, from somewhere raw and honest.

Acoustic Ladyland

In 2006, Acoustic Ladyland released Skinny Grin to great critical acclaim. Living with a Tiger is the long-awaited follow-up, and it doesn’t disappoint.

Woodstock 40th Anniversary

As Woodstock celebrates its 40th anniversary, the nostalgia for those three very important days back in August 1969 is almost omnipresent.

DIY Filmmaking

In this edition, we’ve teamed up with Shooting People and Branchange Jersey International Film Festival 2009 to give you hints and tips for finding successful routes to market for your short films.

Cinematography stripped bare

Rage strips away cinematic paraphernalia to the bare minimum of the character and their emotion, the basic elements which are all too often left behind in cinema.

Who Really is the Artist?

The London and Berlin based collective Artists Anonymous resist definitions and skilfully create interplay between anonymity and the artist.

Breaking the Rules of Graphics

This Artist is Deeply Dangerous, Bob & Roberta Smith’s 11-metre painting, opened at The Grey Gallery as part of 2009’s Edinburgh Art Festival

Unpopular Culture: Nostalgia for the Bad Times

Provocative as ever, the 2003 Turner Prize winner, Grayson Perry, takes on a new role as curator with Unpopular Culture at Yorkshire Sculpture Park

Beyond Fashion

Rankin is refreshingly free of pretensions, “for me it’s always been really important not to call myself an artist, but a photographer.”

Photography is dead – The International Photographic Review

A series of events to mark the 10th anniversary of the International Photographic Review will be unveiled from 30th July – 2nd August 2009. The…

Bob and Roberta Smith and Wolfgang Tillmans Appointed Tate Trustees

This just in… The Board of Trustees of Tate has announced today that the Prime Minister has appointed Bob and Roberta Smith and Wolfgang Tillmans…

Argentina’s Gustavo Ortiz at the Pure Evil Gallery, London

Contemporary visual art takes many forms – the aritsts’ mission today in infused with defining that concept. Gustavo Ortiz is one of Argentina’s rising stars…

Inkygoodness 3, Wonderland Exhibition showcases the work of new and emerging talent from the UK and beyond.

Inkygoodness is a Bristol-Birmingham based duo that organise exhibitions providing a unique platform for emerging talent to showcase their work alongside established artists. Inviting you…

Artists’ run spaces reinvigorate the gallery

Opening on 4 July at Eastside Projects in Birmingham, a solo show by Glasgow based artists Joanne Tatham & Tom O’Sullivan. The collaborative duo have…

Yayoi Kusama at Victoria Miro, London

Installation is one of my favourite art forms. Depending on the work it can embody the space, enhance it and inevitably change it in some…

The First City of Film: Congratulations Bradford!

Beating Los Angeles, Cannes and Venice on 12 June Bradford became the first ever UNESCO City of Film. Revealing pride for his home-town, Slumdog Millionaire…

Art Basel 40 – strong results for 2009

The sentiment reflected throughout the art world has been that of the recession, cut backs and closures. It has been a tumultuous time for all…

Eleanor Catton

In conversation with Eleanor Catton


Chronophotography was first explored in the 19th cen­tury, using sequences of images to investigate ideas of space, time, movement and duration.

Art And Electronic Media

Art and Electronic Media is an essential read, which surveys the importance of electronic media vis-à-vis the art we are producing today.

On Black Sisters’ Street

Interspersed with African turn of phrase, On Black Sisters’ Street draws on story-telling tradition to illuminate the West from an under-represented perspective.

The Blind Side of the Heart

The Blind Side of the Heart begins in 1945 with a boy abandoned at a railway station in provincial Germany. Helene leaves her son on the platform, never to return.

Love Me Tender

Fixating on a small community in rural Buckleigh, Love Me Tender balances a large cast of characters and their stories of love, anger and disappointment.

Ox-Tales: Water, Air, Fire, Earth

The four-book strong Ox-Tales collect together work from the best of British and Irish writers today under themes closely related to Oxfam’s work.

Morality in a Fledgling Democracy

Western democracy has long been considered the blueprint of the ‘civilised world’, but a new play at the National Theatre questions this dominance.

Sophie Cooke

With a cast of varied and unexpected characters, Cooke reveals herself to be a keen evaluator of individuals and their silent struggle with the outside world.

Sonic Youth

Having formed in 1980 during the No Wave movement and with 16 studio albums under their belt, it’s hard to know just what to expect from Sonic Youth.

White Denim

It’s pretty exciting when a band releases a ground­breaking first album, more so when the second album embodies a pure and unadulterated music.

Acoustic Ladyland

Acoustic Ladyland is back with something rather promising. Although it can be tough to find your element in an instrumental album, Living With A Tiger assures listeners this is, indeed possible.

The Revolution

Revolution brings together Cuban musicians with top artists and producers from the UK and the USA, showcasing the eclecticism of Cuban music.

Astrid Williamson

Here Come The Vikings is an eclectic mix of electric pop and smooth ballads. Williamson is revealed to be a multi-talented musician and songwriter.

Colson Whitehead

How Colson Whitehead avoids cliché and traditional motif in Sag Harbor, his autobiographical fourth novel, which is definitely not a coming-of-age tale.

Maxïmo Park

Maxïmo Park is moving in a new direction, one that’s more established, secure and oozing with confidence. It’s serious in lyrics, galvanized in sound.

Daniel Charny

Designer, curator of the Aram Gallery, and tutor at the Royal College of Art, Daniel Charny is a man in the know. Having trained as an industrial designer, Charny has worked across disciplines including public art, furniture and product design.