Crafting Atmosphere

Interiors can have a profound influence on mood. The psychology of space is a field exploring the impact of the built environment – homes, offices, shops, restaurants – on human experience. Elements of colour, light and layout are integral to the atmosphere of a room. Green, for example, is associated with rest and relaxation, whilst orange is uplifting, optimistic. Cristina Coral’s imagery brings this to our attention. It is set within empty cinemas filled with rows of green seats and heavy velvet curtains. The result is a quiet and visually satisfying series, where queues of doppelgängers stare beyond the frame. Elsewhere, anonymous hands and arms appear from behind layers of deep red fabric, adding a hint of Surrealism. Coral is based in Italy, making carefully curated scenes that interrogate the complicated relationship between subjects and environments. Selected clients and publications include Lalique and Vogue Italia. | @cristina_coral

Image Credits:
1.Cristina Coral, Alternative Perspective Green, Trio (2017).

2. Cristina Coral, Blue Dress (2016) from The Other Part of Me.
3. Cristina Coral, Alternative Perspective Green I (2017).
4. Cristina Coral, Hand (2016) from The Other Part of Me.
5. Cristina Coral, Alternative Perspective Green II (2017).

6. Cristina Coral, Hidden (2016). from Secret Garden.