Parallel Landscapes

Light and shadow are fundamental to the history of art. From the chiaroscuro paintings of Caravaggio and Rembrandt, to James Turrell’s sensory installations, these elements have long held the ability to convey mystery, tension and emotion. Barcelona-based Ibai Acevedo (b. 1984) continues this tradition. The artist navigates the border between reality and fiction, staging scenes that belong to a world not quite our own. A woman stands in the sea, her face softly illuminated by a stream of white light. A figure poses under a streetlamp, gazing at its brilliance. Stacks of rocks glow pink, as if radiating a magical warmth. The images are hyperreal, like scenes by Gregory Crewdson and Chen Wei, characterised by a melancholic allure. Acevedo explains: “I was never too interested in reality. By closing my eyes I can dive into another world where I find myself flooded by bright colours and deep sounds. I just want to find special answers for common questions.”

Image credits:

1. Ibai Acevedo, Un Rayo De Sol (2014).

2. Ibai Acevedo, Horas De Luz (2013).

3. Ibai Acevedo, Ganes o Piedras (2017).

4. Ibai Acevedo, Still Alive (2018).

5. Ibai Acevedo, Ganes o Piedras (2017).

6. Ibai Acevedo, Let Me Wind, (2018).